Synchronized Video in PowerPoint as Narration or Multimedia

Are you looking for an easy to use tool, in which you can share your multimedia enriched presentation easily worldwide on the Internet, via your iPod, or on DVD? Now you can! By using authorSTREAM and authorPOINT, you can easily create and distribute multimedia enriched presentations in audio and visual form for either business or e-learning.

authorPOINT plus authorSTREAM - Sample Presentation

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authorPOINT plus authorSTREAM

Create your presentation with live audio or video from various devices such as a webcam, DV or mini DV camera, or any other USB or fire wire based device. You can also use pre-recorded audio/video files (AVI, WMV, WAV and WMA) and sync them with PowerPoint. Convert your presentation in Flash, preview, or add author information and upload on authorSTREAM with the upload feature.


  • Share PowerPoint slideshows on the Web
  • Enhance PowerPoint by adding audio and other multimedia elements to create rich media content
  • Live video and audio capture in sync with PowerPoint
  • Pre-recorded video (WMV or AVI) and audio (WMA or WAV)
  • Free hand annotations
  • Easily embed and share
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