Upload PowerPoint, Keynote

Showcase your PowerPoints and Keynotes lavishly over the Web. The way you wanted them to be seen: animations, slide transitions, narration, music, embedded videos and rehearsed timings intact. And don’t worry about size, we support files as big as 1 GB.

Embed in Blogs, Networks

Let your presentations do the talking. Copy the unique embed code of your presentation and paste on your blog. Customize it with theme, border, color or brand it with your company logo. Even control your presentation embeds by restricting them to specific blogs or websites.

Share, publicly or privately

Go social! Play your presentations on Facebook wall or Twitter timeline. Want to keep them private? Set a secret passcode or send the presentation URL via email to selected contacts, whether they are authorSTREAM members or not.

Convert to Video

Become a YouTube sensation with your presentations. Convert them into HD (High Definition) or non-HD videos and post them to YouTube. Even download to play at home on your TV or DVD. All brilliant effects of your presentation stay the same in the video.

Presentation Analytics

600 views, 25 comments, 49 downloads, 13 tweets, 27 Facebook likes! Take one step forward to know the people behind these numbers with Presentation Analytics. Find their geolocation, traffic sources, and time spent on each presentation. Even get Instantly notified when they view your private presentation with Instant Analytics.

authorSTREAM Desktop

Do everything in PowerPoint with a free plug-in. Search images (Bing, Flickr), videos (YouTube, Vimeo) and insert them in slides instantly. Upload on authorSTREAM, post straightaway to Facebook and Twitter, share via email, grab embed code and lots more right from within PowerPoint.

Present Live

Broadcast your presentations live to a remote audience. Invite all, even non-authorSTREAM members, for a brainstorming session by sharing the URL of the meeting room. Text chat with your audience and gain valuable feedback.


Increase your brand visibility with Channels on authorSTREAM. Brand them with your company banner, theme, logo and background image. Advertise your products, services or campaigns and grow fan base by adding links to your social profiles.

Templates Marketplace

Your one-stop-shop for all professionally designed PowerPoint templates and fully-editable diagrams at unbelievable prices. Choose from over 60,000 professional designs spanning across 80+ categories and make a killer presentation in no time.

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