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Join millions of presentation creators and lovers from across the world to discover great content. Yes, it’s free! Choose a unique username and password to sign up or log in with your Facebook account.



Just hit the ‘Upload’ button to upload your presentations: PowerPoint, Keynote or PDF. It’s fast and allows simultaneous upload of multiple files. There’s no limit to the number of public presentations you can upload in your account. We support files as big as 1 GB!



Share your presentations publicly with the world or privately with selected contacts. Send the unique presentation url via email or post to Facebook, Twitter, blogs and networks. Presentations shared on Facebook, Twitter play right within the timeline! You can even passcode protect your presentations.

More awesome stuff to do with your presentations

Embed on Blogs

Insert presentations in blogs and websites with customized embeds.

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Convert to Video

Convert presentations into HD or non-HD videos.

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Capture Leads

Capture business leads with a lead capture form.

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Track Performance

Track views, downloads, viewers’ geolocation, etc.

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Create Channels

Create branded Channels on any theme or topic under the sun.

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