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By: sixpert (110 month(s) ago)

sir my email id is [email protected] mail this one,i tried too much to download,but i failed.....

By: himanshu02 (122 month(s) ago)

how can i download it.?

By: crissa_pink (128 month(s) ago)

sir..can i upload this presentation? how to do it? thanks

By: h.fansuri (133 month(s) ago)

Awesome. Could you send the presentation to me so I can refer it to my student, please?

By: ziaullah (134 month(s) ago)

The presentation is so good that I want to refer it to my students so kindly make me so by sending it to me at "[email protected]

By: 158311 (138 month(s) ago)

please, help to download this presentation! thanks!

By: avinashcholker (139 month(s) ago)

si can u pls send this ppt i would like to refer it for my studies thank you..

By: shinazwan (146 month(s) ago)

If you can... send me the presentation.. [email protected]

By: drrajeshtiwari (147 month(s) ago)

Dear sir I am also working on preceramic polymer . Your presentation will certainly provide good understanding of ceramics . kindly send me oncopy of the same Dr Rajesh

By: bubuy (148 month(s) ago)

hi wud like to download ur presentations.. it wud be a great HELP for my students in the study of materials. please help me.

By: satish.amirapu (149 month(s) ago)

how i can i download this please help me

By: gopinath_v84 (152 month(s) ago)

hi i was impressed by u r excellent presentation in ceramics i would like to pass this information to my students so kindly accept me to download this file thank u

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