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By: kanikat1 (76 month(s) ago)

nice ppts i need this presentation..... will u send me on my gmail ??

By: ringosmama (106 month(s) ago)

Loved the PPt. Would love to share with students. May I download--if yes, [email protected] TY

By: DLBeatty (109 month(s) ago)

If yes, send to [email protected]

By: DLBeatty (109 month(s) ago)

GREAT presentation of the info on comparisons. Can I download it and share it with my class to help clarify the lesson I taught on it?

By: sidharrth (110 month(s) ago)

nice presentation..will u send to [email protected]

By: zaheer.afzal (118 month(s) ago)

Please send me its copy.

By: shawaheen (128 month(s) ago)

nice and good

By: shawaheen (128 month(s) ago)


By: ledoanany (129 month(s) ago)

it`s great ppt on business model plz let me download it and will be favoured to you

By: mustanggt (130 month(s) ago)

i also wants thisppt in 2 days. please send me the copy

By: cumshud (145 month(s) ago)

I liked you presentation very much. How can I download it? Could you send it t me please?

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