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By: ibnusamsi (117 month(s) ago)

This is good, it improves my undersatanding on action research., abolutely useful

By: kwonron (117 month(s) ago)

Sir: This presentation is superb. This can facilitate understanding and make my teachers learn action research for classroom benefits. Ronald

By: Louiseqq (120 month(s) ago)

This is a highly informative PP that makes the pedagogical background of AR immediately accessible to novices. If possible, could I have a copy of it? Kind regards.

By: fatima.1 (121 month(s) ago)

its really a good ppt made by u ,in regard to this i would like to request u plz give me a copy of it, can i down load it.

By: prasadpidikiti (123 month(s) ago)

good one can i get a copy of the same - dr prasad [email protected]

By: maanavjit (123 month(s) ago)

It is a great PPT and I wish to download it. You are requested to allow me to do so. Thanks & regards Maanav

By: krait (124 month(s) ago)

IT is a beneficial ppt . I would like to download it . Thanks

By: hannahzee (129 month(s) ago)

can i download this presentation?

By: shreepvk (129 month(s) ago)

i was happ yto know about AR regards

By: andarg (130 month(s) ago)

I found it very nice and may i download it for personal use only please? T Thank you!

By: tahirocp (132 month(s) ago)

I need that presentation please send me a copy. Thanks in Advance

By: marimaaa (135 month(s) ago)

this is presentation the best in the net and useful

By: falilnesamohdarfan   (132 month(s) ago)

very informative. a real eye opener for total beginners. pls would very much like to download the presentation for own reference.

By: suciatimahardhika (136 month(s) ago)

A very useful and Educative Presention. i am requesting you to send me a copy or download the slide..thank you

By: affiq (137 month(s) ago)

hello there..i'm doing my research for my degree and really need helps from you to get a copy of this file..i am requesting you to send me a copy or download the slide..thank you

By: vkmohan (139 month(s) ago)

ur presentation is very interesting to learn the subject. May I request u to send this ppt presentation for my pesonal use? Look forward ti receive yr mail with attachment file. -Prif.V.Krishna Mohan

By: rsahragard (140 month(s) ago)

please send me a copy. Thanks in advance.

By: rumanahamid (148 month(s) ago)

Dear Sir, I hope it's you.I have been asking about you,searching for you for nearly two decades..but no clue.Today i made an attempt n possibly have found u.No am not a teacher but a student who remembers u and my school vishwa Bharti.I know u had a sharp memory u may recollect my name.Wishing u the best. yours Rumana(Dr Rumana Makhdoomi.MBBS,MD(
path),PDF(Neuropath)) [email protected]

By: profhandoo (148 month(s) ago)

A very useful and Educative Presention. To the point and appropriate. I would request the author to either send me a copy or allow me to Download a few Slides. Thanks! Prof B. L. Handoo

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