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By: rameshpalanivel3 (102 month(s) ago)

Excellent presentation!! Could you please send me the slides to my [email protected]

By: rohitteja (105 month(s) ago)

Super presentation about Emotional Intelligence.! Can you forward me the slides of presentation to my email: [email protected] please? Thanks Rohitteja

By: anilc4u20 (106 month(s) ago)

Excellent presentation!! Could you please send me the slides to my email : [email protected]?

By: qnqtknguyen (109 month(s) ago)

Hi, can I get a copy of your Emotional Intelligence presentation. It is excellent. [email protected] Thank you.

By: OoiChoonMeng (112 month(s) ago)

A really excellent presentation. Must have put in a lot of hardwork. Appreciate if you could e-mail me the slides. My e-mail is......... [email protected] Thanking you in advance. ooicm

By: Wiseguy009 (112 month(s) ago)

Indeed a great presentation. Would mind send me the slide please... my email id is [email protected] Many thanks, Arvind

By: hanibg (113 month(s) ago)

great presentation can you please send me the slides [email protected]

By: Gilbertblessing (113 month(s) ago)

This is a wonderfull presentation. Can you please send me the slides at [email protected] or [email protected] With many best wishes. thanks

By: awoon83 (115 month(s) ago)

Really good and precise presentation. If you don't mind, can email the slides to my email address at [email protected]? Many thanks.

By: rajan.india (115 month(s) ago)

excellent presentaion, allow to me download

By: cosc (115 month(s) ago)

your ppt so much informative and creative. shall u give me your ppt? if possible mail me. my id is: [email protected]

By: attilabiarritz (117 month(s) ago)

Very good presentation. Simple and schematic. If possible, I would like to have a copy of it. My e-mail is: [email protected] Thanks.

By: souka_b (118 month(s) ago)

i really like your presentation please send it to me on [email protected] thank you :)

By: prerna14101990 (120 month(s) ago)

pls send me th ppt. [email protected] thnk u

By: mirasi (120 month(s) ago)

By; William Mcnamara. Thanks for this prsentation it is good and please send it to me on [email protected]

By: soni.saket (120 month(s) ago)

very nice presentation... awsm work..

By: RNsinger (120 month(s) ago)

Greatt presentation! Can you please email me a copy of it? My email is [email protected] This content would be very helpful with an up coming project. Thanks!

By: manveshrathore (121 month(s) ago)

nice one

By: Prof.prasad (122 month(s) ago)

it is an excellent ppt on ei. I want a copy of it Please send it to me Prasad

By: marshidhamehrin (123 month(s) ago)

please could you send this ppt to my mail.... [email protected]

By: Janefrancis (123 month(s) ago)

Very good work with appropriate illustrations. Pls can you send me a copy of this at [email protected] Thanks

By: jerred (123 month(s) ago)

fuck this site..They justv want to have an income.

By: jerred (123 month(s) ago)

can you give me a copy of this..Tnx.hope you will send a copy on me of this ppt.tnx:) and more power

By: voxmarx (124 month(s) ago)

Hey, may i download this presentation

By: lerner (124 month(s) ago)

hi can u kindly send me this ppt through e-mail [email protected] I like your work so much. thanks

By: neeraj98 (124 month(s) ago)

can u kindly send me this ppt through e-mail at [email protected] Thanks

By: essamaaia (125 month(s) ago)

please send me this file...... my mail is [email protected]

By: ansh0901 (125 month(s) ago)

please send me this [email protected]

By: sudhamathy (125 month(s) ago)

Please send me this PPT. My ID is [email protected]

By: Rabeeta (125 month(s) ago)

can u please share your presentation with me as well, my address is [email protected] Thanks & regards

By: Hubac (126 month(s) ago)

Can u pls send me this ppt . my id :[email protected]

By: razakaziz (126 month(s) ago)

good presentation, simple, direct and meaningful. Can...my u pls send me this ppt .....my id: [email protected] Thanks and regards. Razak

By: muza1984 (126 month(s) ago)

Can u pls send me this ppt . my id : [email protected]

By: kanikasethi (126 month(s) ago)

Can u pls send me this ppt . my id : sethi.usha @gmail.com

By: kspriya89 (126 month(s) ago)

very good explanation,please this ppt download it now.anybody help me to download the ppt and send it my mail id:[email protected]

By: cutiepie.nanda (126 month(s) ago)

very meaningful presentation,kindly send it to [email protected]

By: Hubac (126 month(s) ago)

meaningful presentation.kindly send it to my mail at [email protected]

By: divanshugupta1988 (127 month(s) ago)

hi,meaningful presentation.kindly send it to my mail at [email protected]

By: eagle_mca (127 month(s) ago)

very nice to learn

By: ashteer (127 month(s) ago)

Very good explanation.

By: khivani (127 month(s) ago)

superb ppt..hey can u please mail it to me at "[email protected]"..i need it for my project work.i wud b highly grateful.thanku in anticipation..

By: balanadamini (127 month(s) ago)

nice ppt... can you plsss send dis to me asap...

By: balanadamini (127 month(s) ago)

Dis is a nice ppt.. can you plss send me asap... plss

By: aswani6157 (127 month(s) ago)

A very good presentation. Please send me the presentation?

By: ddebnath95 (127 month(s) ago)

this is a very gud ppt...plz can u send me this ,i need it urgently..

By: trajece (128 month(s) ago)

good work..pls send me the ppt

By: rahularora88 (128 month(s) ago)

gud work..pls snd dis ppt...

By: gemsaroundjags (128 month(s) ago)

can i have this ppt please. it is good one...

By: musadaqbashir (128 month(s) ago)

nice work plz send me ppt

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