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By: pinklady219219 (150 month(s) ago)

I really enjoyed this presentation. Thank you.

By: jaimetew (151 month(s) ago)

Its a beautiful presentation ... appreciate this so much that I made a Chinese translation for the Chinese community to share

By: ekoe7 (151 month(s) ago)

100% true! thx!

By: Umesh (151 month(s) ago)

You will need to enable PowerPoint download Aldayana, to allow others to download ur slideshow! You should see that option on this page right alongside the PowerPoint icon if you are signed in on authorstream!

By: aldayana (151 month(s) ago)

most welcome to whoever want to download it...we are here to share...

By: fhars (151 month(s) ago)

hello, your presentation is very enlightening. may i ask your permission if i could download it? many thanks!

By: dousberg (151 month(s) ago)

very beautiful slideshow.

By: aldayana (151 month(s) ago)

tq to whoever appriaciate it.....

By: mushtaqnaik143 (151 month(s) ago)

This is a Nature Talk.... Listen it and you will be relaxed from any stress :) Lot of thanks to Aldayana

By: Umesh (151 month(s) ago)

Must see!

By: Umesh (151 month(s) ago)

Awesome, the sound of birds seems like snow on the trees :)

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