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authorSTREAM on BBC's >Click Webscape: Kate Russell's best sites on the World Wide Web
"Whether you are an educator looking to share presentations with students, a business person looking to communicate with clients and colleagues, or just want to share photos and greetings with friends and family, authorstream offers this service free of charge."
authorStream Lets Businesses Create Customized, Branded Channels For PowerPoint Presentations
"authorSTREAM's feature to create branded channels could be useful to businesses. And the ability to convert slides into video format and share to YouTube is very useful for marketing purposes. And the ability to monetize via AdSense on presentation pages also makes authorSTREAM's services compelling."
authorSTREAM: Send PowerPoint Presentations Straight to YouTube
"I think the option to sync authorSTREAM accounts with YouTube is a good implementation of API offerings. As it becomes increasingly important to simplify content-sharing within the social media realm"
authorSTREAM Desktop: Search Bing, YouTube, and Upload to authorSTREAM
"authorSTREAM has introduced the new authorSTREAM Desktop product that installs as an add-in to PowerPoint 2007 for Windows. The product is entirely free, and when successfully installed, it shows up as a new tab in the Ribbon of PowerPoint 2007."
25 Hot Indian Web 2.0 start ups - Dataquest (15-May-2009)
"Even with other slide sharing sites like SlideShare, a hot property on the Net, authorSTREAM already has 1.6 mn unique visitors, out of which 75% are from outside India and 50% from developed nations."
Can You put a PowerPoint Presentation on an iPhone?
"So... instead of emailing a Presentation to someone you need to collaborate with, why not use authorSTREAM?"
authorSTREAM: Online powerpoint presentations on Steroids
"after a closer look it was clear that authorSTREAM has number of additional features that makes it quite appealing to online powerpoint presenters!"
Fancy a Resume with authorSTREAM?
"It won't seem such a wild idea to create a resume in PowerPoint, with pictures, audio, and other such to prop up your qualifications and experience. Mind you, if you actually go in for these decorations, it's going to be one heavy resume. So how do you share it courier it to them on a CD?"
"This presentation sharing engine not only allows you to upload your PowerPoint presentations online for free, but also assists you to share them with your friends, students or co-workers located across the globe."
Your PowerPoint Presentations at YouTube with authorSTREAM
"The direct-to-YouTube feature of sending presentations build at authorSTREAM to the YouTube account, taking full advantage of cross-server data transfer capabilities"
authorSTREAM - Presentaciones Online compatibles con YouTube - Spanish
"authorSTREAM no sólo permite importar vuestras presentaciones de PowerPoint en internet y crear una comunidad de usuarios alrededor de cada una, ahora también permite exportar dichas presentaciones a Youtube, dejándolas disponibles en forma de video."
authorSTREAM: Store and Share PowerPoint Presentations
"it?s a place to browse through thousands of shared presentations, discuss them, give ratings, post favorites to your blog, and more"
authorSTREAM Launches Tool to Let Users Share PowerPoint Presentations on YouTube, Blogs and Web Sites for Free
"Without authorSTREAM, giving out PowerPoint slide shows on the Web can be cumbersome, requiring complicated viewing software, such as PowerPoint Viewer software. authorSTREAM makes it easy to communicate presentations to a worldwide audience"
authorSTREAM Launches A New Feature To Share Ppts Directly On Youtube
"beneficial especially to avid users of athorstream, as once content is made available via YouTube, it will become even easier to share the presentation across the Web, as it?s the reigning standard of video-sharing"
authorSTREAM's new feature for PowerPoint sharing
"The service that enables creation of a community around presentations and share them via networks across the web has tapped into one of the more recent YouTube offerings and made sharing much more wider"
authorSTREAM Launches A New Feature to Share PowerPoint on Youtube
"The total number of presentations uploaded on authorSTREAM is growing exponentially with people from all kinds of background finding ways to use authorSTREAM for information sharing"
Power your presentation
"Remember the time you tried to email your PowerPoint presentation to yourself and it took about five hours to get attached and two days to deliver to your ID? Now, with user-friendly Web sites pitching in, such nightmares could be a thing of the past"
Online Presentation Tools as a Knowledge-Sharing Channel 4: assessment of authorStream and SlideShare3
"My user experience of authorSTREAM was slightly superior to that of SlideShare: upload and conversion times were lower on the former service, for example. Equally, the enhanced slide animation and transition support on authorSTREAM was a positive advantage, as was the ability to view presentations in full-screen mode via a third party environment (my blog in this case). I also prefer the extended functionality afforded by the desktop-based client client, as well as the better audio integration."
Got Presentations? Promote Them on authorSTREAM
"This could be one of the best advances in technology for the e-learning world as teachers can easily share lessons or lectures in presentation format with anyone in the world on authorSTREAM. Some features are unique to authorSTREAM, like audio and animations in presentations are retained, which are necessary to build professional presentation lessons." Private Limited
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