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Training Newsletter Asia Pacific - Jan 2012 p.1 1 Speed Training - Do Royals still using Tiara nowadays? 精華培訓 – 現代的皇室貴族還會戴皇冠嗎 ? Below is a video link showing pictures of the most recent royal weddings, and as you can see they still use Tiaras and some of them are from Chaumet. 下面是一個視頻鏈接,顯示最近的皇室婚禮的照片,你可以看到他們仍然使用的皇冠,其中一些是來自尚美的。 SHARPENING MY SELLING TOOLS FOR CHINESE NEW YEAR: 農曆新年 - 銳化我的銷售工具: The Chaumet Way! Ready to use all the selling tools of the boutique, be confident, choose my attitude, a winner attitude! 利用 Chaumet Way! 立刻準備所有的銷售工具,有信心,選擇我的態度,一個勝利者的姿態! PREPARE MY CUSTOMER WISH LIST 準備我的顧客願望清單 I prepare every day a list of customers to call, on why I will call them, to discuss which topic with them. I can call them to explain that I am at their service, I can propose them an appointment, or I can send an email with pictures. It all depends of my relation with each customer. There is no rules, except one : it is my job to contact my customers. 我準備好每天要致電的客戶名單,致電原因和話題。我可以打電話給他們解釋我隨時樂於為他們服務,我可以提出約會,或者我可以發送電子郵件與圖片。這一切都取決於我與每一位客戶的關係。沒有規則,只有一個原則:我的工作就是與我的客戶緊密聯繫。 PREPARING MY BEAUTIFULL CREATION BY CHAUMET 準備展示我的尚美作品 Before a visit of my customer by appointment, I do prepare all the “Wow Tray” ! I create a special ambiance on each tray according to customer taste. 在預約客戶進店之前,我要準備好怎樣展示我的尚美作品!我要根據不同顧客口味創建一個獨特的展示方案。

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p.2 LOOKING FOR THE INFORMATION ON THE DATE OF THE BIG EVENT 尋找大日子的重要信息 Now people may want to offer a gift on Chinese New Year, there is no rule and each customer has his special day. I listen very carefully my customer when talking about the date he will offer the gift. I don’t have the same attitude in my selling ceremony if the big day is tonight, tomorrow or in 2 weeks of course. 現在很多客人都需要送一份新年禮物,每個客戶都有其特殊的送禮日子及原因。我要仔細聆聽我的客戶需要,包括日期,受禮者及送禮目的等等。不同的背景必須要有不同的銷售方式 , 千萬不要千篇一律。 AFTER SALES IN DECEMBER SHOPPING IN JANUARY 一月份的售後服務 For each and every visit of a customer during December I asked them what do they do for Chinese New Year, people love to speak about their family meetings or trip to a destination. Do you have the gift, what have you been thinking about, and according to the answer improvise and show that there is plenty of beautiful great ideas here at Chaumet. 對於每一個 12 月份曾進店的客戶,我都要了解他們在新年這重要日子會做什麼,因為人們都喜歡閒聊。盡量問你的客戶要挑什麼禮物,有什麼意見,並向客戶表示尚美必定能夠實現他們的美麗夢想。 KIDS 小孩 Let’s use the kids to touch parents’ hearts. Treat the kids as if they were my customer, if one of my colleague is available, having him taking care of the kids is great. Make them part of the magic of Chinese New Year, and parents calm at the table for the presentation. 讓我們用孩子這話題去接觸父母的心。對待孩子就好像他們是我的客戶 . 如果我的同事方便,讓他先幫忙照顧客人的孩子 , 讓父母可以安靜選購珠寶和禮物。 USE OUR CUSTOMER LIST 2010 AND 2011 TO MAKE A GREATER 2012 使用我們在 2010 年和 2011 年收集的客人資料 , 創造更美好的 2012 年 Print the list of my customers who love to shop at Chinese New Year, go and find it for the 2 last years. Call them, propose them to pay a visit to the boutique, to meet me for a coffee or a presentation. Show them that we recognize them, we appreciate them. 打印我過去兩年的客戶名單,特別要留意愛在中國新年購物的客戶。給他們打電話,建議他們進店品嚐咖啡或見面。告訴客戶,我不忘他們,欣賞他們。

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p.3 2 Chaumet Photo Sharing 尚美相片分享 Coming News 最新動向 Chaumet Annual Dinner, Hong Kong – 7 Feb 2012 New Staff Induction & Boutique Attachment, Hong Kong – 1 to 3 Feb 2012 Mystery Shopping Briefing, Shanghai Wholesale – Mar 2012 Regional Seminar Korea – 28 to 30 March 2012 4 Christmas Lunch Gathering – Hong Kong Office Team 聖誕聚餐 – 香港後勤隊伍 Christmas Gift Exchange 大家交換聖誕禮物

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