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Training Newsletter Asia Pacific - Dec 2011 p.1 1 Speed Training - The best way to talk about Dandy Mechanism 精華培訓 – 介紹 Dandy 手錶機芯的最佳方法 When showing our timepieces to customers, it is essential that the sales advisor uses the right language to create desire in the customer's mind. For some pieces in the DANDY collection, telling the customer about the watch’s calibre in a fluent and interesting way is a major advantage. 當向客戶展示我們的手錶,最關鍵的是銷售員能使用正確的銷售話術以建立顧客的慾望。對於一些 Dabdy 手錶系列,能夠用流利和有趣的方式告訴顧客它的優點卻是一大優勢。 CHAUMET has worked with Jean-Marc Wiederrecht on two occasions. CHAUMET 曾兩次和 Jean-Marc Wiederrecht 合作。 Who is Jean-Marc Wiederrecht? Jean-Marc Wiederrecht 是誰? Jean-Marc Wiederrecht is a watchmaker who designs movements. He is very well respected in the world of luxury watches. Jean-Marc Wiederrecht is part of the independent workshop AGENHOR. Jean-Marc Wiederrecht 是一個鐘錶匠專門設計機芯。他非常受世界品牌鐘錶界的尊重。 Jean-Marc Wiederrecht 同時是 AGENHOR 鐘錶工作坊的一部分。 What does AGENHOR mean? 什麼是 AGENHOR? A stands for ( 代表 ) Atelier, or workshop 工作坊 GEN stands for ( 代表 ) Genevois, or genevois 日內瓦 HOR stands for ( 代表 ) Horloger, or watchmaker 鐘錶匠

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p.1 What does AGENHOR do? AGENHOR 是做什麼的? AGENHOR is a Geneva-based watchmaking workshop that works to a very high standard. It is well known among watch connoisseurs. If a customer is not familiar with it, you can tell them about it, and talk about the partnership between CHAUMET and AGENHOR where they have teamed up to design two special calibres for the DANDY collection Calibre CP12V-V 和 Calibre CP12V-VI. In 2007, Jean-Marc Wiederrecht won the Grand Prix d'Horlogerie de Genève, as best watchmaker-designer. AGENHOR 是一家設在日內瓦的製錶工場,它的作品達致一個非常高的水準。這是鐘錶鑑賞家眾所周知的。如果客戶不認識 AGENHOR ,你可以告訴客戶 AGENHOR 和 CHAUMET 的夥伴關係 , 並曾 聯手設計DANDY 系 列的特殊機芯 : Calibre CP12V-V 和 Calibre CP12V-VI. 在 2007 年, Jean-Marc Wiederrecht 奪得 Grand Prix d‘Horlogerie de Genève 大獎的最佳鐘錶設計師名譽。 You can also visit AGENHOR and Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Geneva’s website by clicking on the following link: 您也可以瀏覽 AGENHOR 和 Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Geneva 的官方網站: What is special about these two calibres, and in which watches can we find them? 這兩種機芯有什麼特別, Chaumet 有什麼手錶用這些機芯? Calibre CP12V-V is an automatic-winding mechanical movement with an off-centred display of hours, minutes and seconds. The time can be read horizontally. The base calibre is an ETA 2892-2 module, to which has been added the AGENHOR 4201 module, which offers a 42-hour power reserve. This calibre is used in the DANDY ARTY and DANDY ARTY OPEN FACE models. CP12V- V 是一種改良自動上鏈機芯 , 它的特點是突破傳統地離開錶盤中間平衡顯示時,分,秒。其實它源自於 ETA2892-2 機芯,再加上 AGENHOR4201 模型,能夠提供 42 小時動力儲備。 DANDY ARTY and DANDY ARTY OPEN FACE 都是使用 CP12V-V 自動機芯。 Calibre CP12V-VI is an automatic-winding mechanical movement with three off-centred hours, minutes and seconds hands. The base calibre is an ETA 2892-A2 module, combined with the AGENHOR module, which offers a 32-hour power reserve. This calibre is used in the DANDY EDITION MÉTRONOME model, a limited edition of 100 timepieces. The seconds move in the same way as a metronome beats. CP12V- VI 也是一個自動上鏈與離開錶盤中間分別顯示時,分,秒針的手錶機芯。它源自於 ETA2892- A2 機芯並與 AGENHOR 模型組合一塊,能夠提供 32 小時動力儲備。這是 DANDY 限量版的 METRONOME 系列中使用的全球限量 100 隻腕錶。秒針就像節拍器一樣移動。

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p.2 2 Know your Chaumet team – Rachel Zhu, China Marketing Manager 認識你的尚美團隊 – Service Year 服務年期 1 month 一 個月 Interest / Favorites … 個人興趣 / 最愛 Hobbies: reading, movies, design, beach holiday 娛樂 : 閱讀 , 電影 , 設計 , 海灘假期 Food: Thai, Japanese and French cuisine, or Sichuan/Hunan cuisine, spicy food. 食物 : 泰國菜,日本菜,法國菜,四川,湖南等辣的菜 Favorite people: my French husband 最喜愛人物 : 我的法國老公 My Chaumet ‘Emotion’ 我的尚美情源 I feel really lucky to have the chance to join Chaumet, with the key responsibility to share with more Chinese people this wonderful and elegant brand with rich culture. I would like to cherish this opportunity and grow up with Chaumet together. 以前我就有關注尚美,現在居然能到這個高貴優雅又有歷史底蘊的品牌來工作,且主要職責是在中國這個重要市場協助她被更多消費者所認識和喜愛,我覺得自己很幸運,也覺得和尚美真的很有緣分。我會珍惜這一緣分,希望和尚美共同成長。 Tips of Success 成功關鍵 I think if a person could follow his/her true heart and do whatever he/she enjoys to do, it’s already kind of success. The tip is that you shall always be honest to yourself, and shall have the guts to follow your dream. From the work POV, I’m still a newcomer so need lots of learning to achieve success. Team work is very crucial. Keep an open mind, always get inspirations from others and willing to put valuable points into practice is the key. 我覺得任何人,只要能隨心,做她或他真正想做的事情,並且樂在其中其實就都是一種成功。如果從這個角度來講,我或許做得還不錯,竅門是始終要對自己的內心誠實,並且要有勇氣追隨自己的夢想。 但從工作角度而言,我實在還是個剛剛加入尚美的新人,所以要獲得成功還需要很多的學習。我很相信團隊合作的力量,保持開放的心態,多多吸收周邊所有有益的建議是我比較注重的。

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p.3 3 December Photo Sharing 12 月份培訓相片分享 Coming News 最新動向 Wenzhou Boutique opening Training – 9 to 11 Jan 2012 Singapore Induction Training for new staff – Feb 2012 Selling More, selling more expensive (Korea) – Feb 2012 Regional Seminar Korea – 28 to 30 March 2012 4 Hefei Training – Group Lunch 合肥培訓 – 午餐聚會 Shenyang Training – Video sharing 沈陽培訓 – 錄影分享 Taichun Boutique Opening – New staff Training 台中開新店 – 新員培訓 Shenyang Training – Roleplay 沈陽培訓 – 角色扮演

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