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The impact of coral bleaching in the Great Barrier Reef on the Chevron butterfly fish. (Life archives, n.d . )


Summary of the problem ( The Huffington Post Australia, n.d. ) ( Papahanaumokuakea Marine National monument, n.d . ) ( NOAA's National Ocean Service , n.d. ) (Greenpeace Australia Pacific, n.d. ) (National Geographic Voices, n.d. )


Methodology ( TEDxPerth , n.d. ) (Blog google, n.d. ) (The University of Sydney, n.d. )


(Washington post , n.d. ) (Climate change guide, n.d. ) Key findings ( greatbarrierreefecosystem , 2012) ( Save the Great Barrier Reef, n.d. )


( futureye , n.d. ) ( Reef 2050 Long-Term Sustainability Plan, n.d. ) ( Indulgy , n.d. )


Links to the Curriculum Year Content descriptor How specifically this relates to your project? 3 and 4 (ACSSU073) ( ACARA, n.d. ) This relates to the vulnerable nature of corals that are subject to bleaching due to many stressors and also links to the chevron butterfly fish that is highly dependent on corals for their food and shelter. 3 and 4 (ACSHE051) ( ACARA, n.d. ) This links to the human and natural threats to corals and how science can help humans understand these threats such as climate change and pollution.


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