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Fully Automatic Email Integration 1

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Match My Email will sync your email to the right Salesforce record without you doing a thing. 2

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End-user never needs to leave Salesforce.com 3

Slide 4:

All your customer data and email communications in one place 4

Slide 5:

Email logged automatically into Salesforce records every 20 minutes 5

Slide 6:

Emails are inserted into Activity History and Attachments are put in ‘Notes & Attachments’ 6

Slide 7:

End-user never, never needs to log into Match My Email 7

Slide 8:

Your email inbox is reprocessed every 20 minutes for 45 days looking for new ‘Matches’ 8

Slide 9:

If MME finds an email addressed to two or more recipients, it is marked as ‘Ambiguous’ 9

Slide 10:

If the Ambiguous state remains unresolved for 7 days, the email is automatically assigned to a ‘priority’ email address 10

Slide 11:

End-user only needs to set up and maintain credentials 11

Slide 12:

Set Up Salesforce: Username, Password and Security Token 12

Slide 13:

Set Up Email Import: IMAP server host, port#, username and password Need Image of Import set up 13

Slide 14:

Email Communications And Customer Data In One Convenient Place 14

Slide 15:

Fully Automatic and in Background 15

Slide 16:

Effortless 16

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