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Rough Cut: AUDIENCE FEEDBACK By Zoe stannard


Everyone replied that the black and white effect was effective within the hospital scenes. This lets us know that we want to continue this effect in all of the hospital scenes and lets us know that we don’t need to add/improve any other edits in these scenes. Options Percentage Yes 100% No 0%


From this we can see that the majority of people think that we haven’t overwhelmed the title with effects. The people, who thought that we did said below that the transition between the development of effect could be smoother. This tells use that we need to improve how the effects appear and disappear. I believe that this will only improve the appearance and please all of our audience, even if it isn’t the majority who thinks this needs to be done. Options Percentage Yes 11.1% No 88.9%


The same amount of people chose either dialogue or voiceover, telling us we should strongly consider either one and the rest wanted us to use more credits. I believe that the dialogue and voiceover will fit better into the trailer than more credits would because we already previously use them for director and music, etc. When making our narrative more understandable I think that the addition of dialogue in some scenes will create a more interesting and engaging clips as well as the use of a voiceover, which will add a more personal feel from the main character. Options Percentage Dialogue 44.45% Voiceover 44.45% More Credits 11.1%


Options Percentage Strings 55.5% (yes) -(44.5% said no) Bass 55.5% (yes) - (44.5% said no) Drums 100% (yes) Synths 33.3% (yes) –(66.7% said no) Everyone chose for the music to include drums and the majority chose for us to use string and bass, with the rest wanting synths.. As our trailer is an action/adventure film, it is expected for us to have a exciting and fast pace beat, tending to involved drums for that fast/heavy beat. I think that we will use drums because of the reasons above. The use of bass and drums I think is also required to build up the layers of the music however I think that the drums will dominate our music. The option for synths wasn’t the most popular however with the psychedelic twist within our trailer, I believe it will make our soundtrack more unique and distorted with the addition of synths.


Here you can see that everyone thought that we had a good use of props and that they were used well throughout our trailer. This allows use to continue with the editing of the scenes without having to re-film the props to make them presented better or to add more into our film. I agree with our audience also that we have used a variety of shots and some edits that we have used within scenes have allowed us to enhance the representation of our props. Options Percentage Yes 100% No 0%