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Daytona Beach Car Accident Attorney | Car Accident Attorney How can maintaining brakes and tires of a car avoid accidents on road Cars commute at high velocities of 60 to 75 mph on freeways. Controlling car on such high speed can be very difficult for the driver if the brakes and tires are not maintained properly. It is important to confirm that the vehicle is maintained properly to avoid fatal injuries caused due to car accidents. Furthermore in case an accident does occur a person can be held liable for the accident if the car is not well- maintained. Expert car accident attorneys in Daytona Beach know the importance of brake and tires in a vehicle. They know that the quality of brakes and tires are crucial components responsible for the safety of a vehicle. We will go in detail about their maintenance and inspection: 1 Brakes: Brakes are undoubtedly the most important safety feature of a vehicle. Driving a car includes the continuous action of applying brakes to either stop or slow it. They allow a driver to keep up with the flow of the traffic which in turn in avoiding accidents on roads. It is advisable to the drivers that they consult their mechanic to learn the correct brake maintenance routine. Make sure to inspect the thickness of the

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brake shoes and pads in the braking assembly. Also inspect the wear patterns rotors and calipers of the brakes. At last refill the brake fluid to the optimum level. 2 Tires: Tires are among the most overlooked part of a vehicle. However bald or uneven tires can reduce the friction necessary for the vehicle which in turn can affect a driver’s ability to control the vehicle and tend the vehicle to slip on sudden turns. Worn tires also increase the stopping distance of the car. Even a slight difference in the stopping distance can reduce the chances of catastrophic outcomes after an accident. Regularly inspect the quality of the tires and its treads. Make sure to replace the tire after it wears down to 2/32 inch. Also make sure that the tire pressure is appropriate before driving the vehicle. CONCLUSION: Inspecting and maintaining the quality of the car is important. Tires and brakes are two important safety parts of a vehicle. Before driving your car make sure that these two components are working correctly. However in a case where you still get indulged in a car accident due to someone carelessness contact a car accident attorney from Daytona Beach to help you fight the car accident case in a court. Visit for more information: