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ZIMA's cinematography course is valued among the best Cinematography Programmes in India. After completing the course in cinematography, a student will have acquired the ability and confidence to assist, any cinematographer / Videographer; both in film and television. Starting off independently will also be an option, depending on the right opportunity at the right time.


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About Film Making Courses Cinematography & Lighting Film making is the process of making a film, from a concept, story idea or a plot through scriptwriting, shooting, editing, directing and exhibiting to an audience. Filmmaking takes place all over the world using a variety of technologies and techniques. The process of Film making involves a large number of people from various creative & technical departments forming a unit or a crew. The director is primarily responsible for the storytelling, creative decisions and acting of the film


Course Outline : The principles of still and motion picture photography Various types of light sources and their practical application Basics of Lighting, Detailed Practical's on Various Types of Lighting Situations Filters and Composition, study of color temperature, Depth of Field Study of movie cameras and various types of film stock The grammar of single camera & multi camera placements Roots and reasons for selecting a camera style Study of the video cameras and principles of videography Principles of Optics as applied to Photography Assignments and Group Projects for Students on Digital Cameras


BASIC FOUNDATION COURSE IN   CINEMATOGRAPHY Different types of Cameras Video Camera: Introduction to Video Camera Different Parts in the Camera and its Function Different Types of Cameras used in Videography Camera Angle Composition, Cutting, Continuity, Close-ups Light and Color Photographic Lights: The Art of Lighting: Basic Lighting Intro to Video Camera & Different Functions incorporated in it


ADVANCE  CINEMATOGRAPHY Studio lighting techniques Filters: Introduction, Its Effects Different types of Filters used for Creativity Exposure: Introduction Factors affecting Exposure Importance of correct Exposure Exposure Meter and its uses Wave front Vector Monitor Introduction to Lenses Basic Type of Primary Lenses Zoom Lenses, Micro Lenses,


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