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English Specific Purpose,Favorite Weather


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Aynda Technical institute English Department :

Aynda Technical institute English Department English for Specific Purposes (Weather & seasons) Assist. Lec Rukhsar Nadhm Kareem 22/9//2019

Autumn & Spring:

Autumn & Spring

Winter & Summer:

Winter & Summer Describer Winter Give a description of Summer

Weather & seasons vocabulary :

Weather & seasons vocabulary sunny:   the sun shines clearly in the sky and there is lots of bright light. (It is also common to say the  sky is "clear"  when there is bright sun and no clouds) tornado :  a powerful storm where very high winds move around in a circle around a point. - blizzard:   a severe snow storm with a large amount of snow and often high winds.


volcanic eruption:   a sudden explosion that comes from the open part of a volcano. hurricane:   a very powerful and destructive storm that has extremely high winds


earthquake:   the surface of the earth shakes and moves and can cause great damage and devastation if it is very strong.  flood:   a large amount of water that covers land that is usually dry

Idioms :

Idioms  Idioms can effectively  convey an idea in the clearest way possible without even mentioning that idea directly.

  save up for a rainy day Everyone needs money in the bank saved up for a rainy day:

  save up for a rainy day Everyone needs money in the bank saved up for a rainy day

 rain cats and dogs :

 rain cats and dogs The idiom “rain cats and dogs” means to  rain very hard or a lot . In this case, the form of the idiom has to do with the weather (i.e.: rain) and so does the meaning.

come rain or shine :

come rain or shine The meaning of this usual idiom is “ whatever happens ” or “ whatever the weather is “. So if someone supports you “come rain or shine”, it means that they will be there for you no matter what.

on cloud nine :

on cloud nine If you’re “on cloud nine”, you are  over the moon  – which, by the way, is another idiom. So if you’re “on cloud nine” or “over the moon”, you are  extremely happy or delighted .

under the weather :

under the weather   it can mean that y ou’re in low spirits , that is, unhappy or depressed.

a storm in a teacup :

a storm in a teacup In my opinion, the whole thing is just a storm in a teacup.

break the ice :

break the ice put an end to the awkward silence and get you in a conversation . That’s what the idiom “breaking the ice” means.

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