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warmers , fillers, shakers and movers ……:

warmers , fillers, shakers and movers ……

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“ You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.” Joe Sabah

So, let’s start… :

So, let’s start… Have a look at the board and … ask me as many questions as you like to find out what these answers on the board refer to………

Have U ever heard of …:

Have U ever heard of … icebreaker ball ?

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ice breaker ball The person who catches ice breaker ball has to answer the question touching their left thumb. The participant then says his/her name, answers the question and throws ice breaker ball to someone else, BUT if you catch blind spot you will tell us three sentences about you

Let’s split into the groups! :

Let’s split into the groups! Warmers? Ww? (why warmers) Aw? ( teacher achievements of warmers) Fillers? Energizers?

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what is your task ? 2. pay attention!!! There’s a mistake in each sentence. You have to correct the mistake and write correct word on the blank piece of paper you receive in the envelope 3. Finally, together with your group you have to stand in the line and the sentence 1. combining the words in the envelope, you will make one sentence about warmers, fillers and energizers

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If you invest time and energy in producing comfort, you signal to students that you care about them as people. If you do not invest, you signal that they are nothing but warm bodies occupying chairs in your classroom. Dr. Fred Jones

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Learning a language is a practical, skill-based attempt. It's like a sport, involving both mental and physical apparatus - a sort of linguistic athleticism. When athletes are about to play a sport, they need to stretch their muscles slowly so they don't pull or tear once the action begins.

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Primacy-Recency Effect According to research, during a lesson, students remember best what comes first, second best what comes last, and least that what has come just past the middle. PRIMACY EFFECT (for beginnings) RECENCY EFFECT (for endings) Based on How the Brain Learns (2nd ed.) by David A. Sousa

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You are in your groups The question(s) will be read twice You will be given 20 sec. to let you write down the answers The winner is the one who gets as many as correct answers


Let's go to Italy ….. Pick one card According to post cards there will be 5 groups Venice, Florence, Sienna, San Marino, Pisa. your task is to arrange the postcards in any order you think is appropriate. put them in any other order of preference / idea ……

Sweet ending … :

Sweet ending … Pick a chocolate … but don’t eat it ( yet ! )

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Perform the task according to the colour you picked. Red group will give comments on content of the session Yellow group will talk about an activity you enjoyed most in the session Blue group will give comments on process of the session Green group will give us one dilemma about the session Brown group will tell us what would they bring to the classroom from today's session