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If you have difficulty falling asleep, unable to fall asleep fast, or suffering from diseases that make you to overheat and not fall asleep fast, our perfect sleep pads give you your ideal sleep temperature.


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INTRODUCTION TO Perfect Sleep PAD The perfect sleep pad is a heating & cooling pad for your mattress with a precise temperature control system that ranges from 46 to 118 degrees fahrenheit . Using a network of micro tubes, this cooling mattress pad regulates the surface temperature of your mattress by actively circulating water throughout the night. This cooling  pad is here to help with insomnia. You can now control the temperature on your side of the bed without disrupting your partner, enabling both of you to enjoy uninterrupted deep slumber. Wondering how to sleep better on those stuffy and uncomfortable nights? The perfect sleep pad provides the ideal sleep temperature control at the convenient touch of a button .


MATTRESS COOLING PAD Have you ever lain in bed willing your mind to shut down for the night but the alluring state that is sleep seems to slip through your fingers? You are not alone. Countless people around the world suffer from insomnia & sleep deprivation & they cannot seem to sink into the blissful abyss of deep sleep. There are, however, different ways through which you can have a good night’s rest, including the cooling mattress pad. Before we can get into how the pad is beneficial to your sleep, we have to take a step back and critically look at the underlying causes of sleep deprivation and the habits we indulge that banish deep sleep from the night . Despite this, it is vital and, therefore, needs to occur uninterrupted . Benefits of Mattress Reduces Hot Flashes Night Sweats. Sleeping cool helps you fall asleep faster and achieve more deep sleep. You can improve muscle recovery by as much as 30% when you sleep cold .


UNIQUE Of Perfect Sleep Pad What makes the Perfect Sleep Pad unique? Perfect Sleep Pad is a unique heating mattress cover designed to provide you with complete control over the temperature. It is very comfortable and efficient. You can adjust the temperature between 8°C & 48°C without using more than 80 Watts of power. The Pad uses water tubes & a non-electric system for generating its heat. This means there aren’t any harmful magnetic fields. The operation of the device is completely silent. Therefore, you get an ideal amount of heat during uninterrupted sleep. Unlike most mattress pads, the Perfect Sleep Pad is also a cooling mattress cover. Its revolutionary design allows you to adjust the temperature control to an ideal, cooler setting, so you can enjoy the comfort and revitalization of quality REM sleep. With the Perfect Sleep Pad mattress heating system, you can’t go wrong.


Benefits of perfect sleep pad Benefits of Perfect Sleep Pad 1. Productivity The cooling mattress pad enables you to clear your mind of all stresses so that you can start anew the following day, ready to embark on any tasks and fulfill them successfully . 2. Mental Clarity A good night's sleep is the perfect time for the body to do some filing and record keeping. The mind clears and stores your memories, leaving you feeling alert and refreshed . 3. Weight Loss Studies show that dieters lose more fat if they have regular deep sleep. On the other hand, sleep deprived individuals shed a lot of muscle mass . 4. Stress Relief Sleep deprivation is a direct cause of stress. This stress is often exhibited as irritability especially in the morning. This temperature controlled mattress pad enables you to get the ideal quota of restful sleep . 5. Detoxification Sleeping for 7 to 9 hours gives the body organs time to get rid of a large amount of toxins. This helps you start your day on a healthy note.


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