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Backlinks are one of the most used terms in the realm of Search EngineOptimization (SEO).While newbie bloggers or website owners often struggle to understand what backlinks are, it is important to understand what backlinks are for and how they work in the Professional SEO landscape.


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What Is Backlink How To Get Quality Backlinks Fast Backlinks are one of the most used terms in the realm of Search EngineOptimization SEO.While newbie bloggers or website owners often struggle to understand what backlinks are it is important to understand what backlinks are for and how they work in the Professional SEO landscape. This blog offers a comprehensive understanding of backlinks their importance role in determining your online success. It will help you to analyze the backlinks of your competitors and get them for your website for effective SEO. So let’s get started… UNDERSTANDING BACKLINKS: Backlinks are the links from a page on one website to another website. They are known by different terms in the digital realm such as “inbound links” “incoming links” or “one-way links”. If a page from someone’s website links to your site then you a backlink from them. Basically they are external links to your web-page. They are the transition from one site to another or one web-page to another. Primarily used search engines such as Google Bing scrutinize backlinks “votes” for a specific page. Each of these backlinks “votes” tell the search engines about the credibility uniqueness usefulness of the content. It means the higher the number of backlinks on a page the higher the tendency of

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attracting organic search engine rankings in Google on other popular search engines. IMPORTANCE OF BACKLINKS: Gone are the days when even low-quality backlinks were considered as the ranking factor of a website. With the introduction of the Penguin Algorithm by Google the entire segment of backlinks in today’s affordable SEO landscape has changed. In today’s ever-changing competitive world it is important to have backlinks from authoritative relevant sites in order to be recognized by Google other search engines.

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Now let us take a look at some of the benefits of creating backlinks to your website: 1. Strengthens Your Backlink Profile: While the backlinks are the links from outside your domain point to the pages on your website they play a vital role in building up your backlink profile. They contribute to the overall strength of your site showcase the importance variety of your domain’s backlink profile. 2. Enhances Website Ranking: The backlinks are taken into account as one of the essential ranking factors by the search engines like Google. When one website links to another website it conveys the search engine that content of the website is remarkable reliable. Thus high-quality backlinks can greatly contribute in enhancing a site’s ranking visibility in Google search results. Better backlinks help in getting better SERPs Search Engine Results Page. 3. Faster Indexing: Backlinks are an essential part of the professional SEO process. New webpages are discovered by the search engine spiders when they crawl the backlinks given on the existing webpages. Effective crawling of your website occurs when the bots have discovered your site. Lesser the backlinks on your site more difficult it will be for the search engine bots to locate your site. Therefore in case your website is new you have got to get more backlinks for faster discovery indexing of your website. 4. Increases Referral Traffic: One of the major advantages of using backlinks is that they drive Referral Traffic to your website. Since the backlinks point to useful resources of information they are clickable. When an internet user clicks a link to your website you earn a referral link.

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TYPES OF BACKLINKS VALUABLE TODAY: For effective professional SEO you need to understand that not all backlinks are created the same. One backlink is more valuable than the other.To rank higher in the SERPs you need to focus on getting quality backlinks to your website. Let us understand it this way a single high-quality backlink outweighs 1000 low-quality backlinks. Therefore let us take a quick look at some key traits that make one backlink better than the other. 1. Backlinks Coming from Trusted Websites What would you prefer a backlink from Forbes or a random website The obvious answer would be Forbes. In the same way Google places more value on the relevant links as they are more likely to get clicked by people. This is known as “Domain Authority”. The more authority a source site has the more authority it transfers to your site makes your site look more reliable informative. Click here to check domain authority of your website Google emphasizes a backlink obtained from an authoritative site which will ultimately enhance organic search engine traffic to your website. 2. Backlinks including your targeted keyword in the link’s anchor text Anchor texts are the clickable words that form a backlink.According to Google anchor text helps in understanding the context of the link thus it may be considered as a ranking factor. Yes as mentioned in their original patentGoogle uses anchor text to influence rankings of the websites. While anchor text does count other things are more important than it. 3. Backlinks coming from high-traffic pages As discussed earlier your website will receive more referral traffic from the backlinks from high-traffic pages. These backlinks positively impact your site rankings when compared with the backlinks from low-traffic pages. A detailed analysis has shown a clear association between site rankings backlinks from high organic traffic pages. 4. Dofollow Vs. Nofollow Backlinks Majorly used search engines such as Google Bing ignore the backlinks that have the “Nofollow” HTML tag attached to them as they pass no value from one website to the another. This HTML tag tells the search engine to ignore a link. Therefore they do not contribute to improving your brand visibility or search rank. Dofollow is the type of backlinks that everyone desires. The backlinks coming from the reputed sites hold the most value can efficiently improve your site rankings in SERPs.

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However you should be careful enough to not allow Dofollow links from suspicious sites as they are considered bad for they are added by breaking the search engine terms of service. Bad / Toxic backlinks can lead to Google de-index or penalize your site. After all it is not the quantity but quality that counts in Search Engine Optimization process. 5 INTRIGUING WAYS TO GET MORE BACKLINKS FOR YOUR WEBSITE: Since we are very well acquainted with the term “backlink” how it relates to SEO and why they are important let us now learn a few simple tips tricks for getting more new backlinks to your website. 1. Awesome Customer-engaging Articles: Perhaps there is no intriguing way of linking people to you except via an interactive article. The content is more likely to link people when it is informative enjoyable. Here are some tips that you can refer to for creating an awesome article: • Provide the solution to the problem: Most of the people visit articles or blogs because they are looking for a solution. Efficacious use of putting interesting

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articles by addressing the exact problem providing solution can greatly in attracting customers to your site. So the target is people in trouble. • Easy to read understand content: To ensure the content of your articles is easy use short simple sentences. Add headings images other multimedia formatting to your article. Create a story around the content to keep the reader engaged. Add facts figures with names dates to enlighten the user. • Make your article STAND OUT: While the internet is already brimming with content today ensure your article has a unique point. Users love reading something new every time they go online. • Have Authority over the Topic: Build authority over the topics of your content. People desire to learn from websites that have command over the content on their website. Once done with publishing the articles consider sending some outreach e-mails to the people who had earlier written about the same topic. This ensures a greater probability of your content being read pages being visited. Find such people in Google by searching the topic of your article collect the ones displaying in the top SERPs. Get in touch with them send e-mails inviting them to read your content. 2. Use your competitor’s strategy of getting backlinks: You might be starting a new website or a seasoned business owner trying to gain more traction as well as visibility in Search Engines. A simple way of achieving this is to look at how your competitors are working on their backlinks strategy.

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Most of the high-quality websites comprise a huge number of backlinks as well as their own internal links. Using a smart tool by Ahrefs known as “Link Intersect” you can analyze why your competitors link to other websites but not you. Once the analysis is done you can simply check for “show link opportunities” reach out to potential websites via email so that they can backlink to you. Simple isn’t it Let’s head on to the next exciting backlink obtaining strategy. 3. Guest Blogging: Now you might be wondering how will guest blogging help my website The answer is quite simple. Usually when you write a blog or an article the owner of the website lets you put in 2-3 backlinks to your site. A Win-Win scenario A few tips to land guest blogs: • Look out for websites that invite guest blogs. For example Websites which might be looking for contributors so they’ll put up something like “Contribute” or “Write for Us”. • You can also use the Ahref’s Content Explorer to simplify your search write engaging guests posts to attract quality backlinks for your website. 4. Build Broken Links:

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Due to the volatile nature of web activity pages tend to get moved changed or deleted. During these situations many broken links get created. Broken links are links to pages that don’t exist anymore. However you can make use of these broken links to get new backlinks. All you need to do is locate a broken link revitalize its content personally reach out to people so that they can link back to the recreated content. This way you can get backlinks improve your website visibility. 5. Submit your blogs to Web Directories: You can submit your blogs/articles to “authentic” web directories. Nowadays many unreliable web directories make you create backlinks to their website so that they can enlist your blog in their directory. Don’t fall for such schemes. Research thoroughly for legal websites so that you can get high-quality backlinks which in turn will enhance your website. Conclusion: It can be concluded that backlinks play a vital role in a good professional SEO Strategy to rank in top SERPs of Google other search engines. And that not all the backlinks are the same. Many attributes contribute to the quality of the backlinks such as relevance their placement anchor texts. Most importantly remember the easier you get the backlinks the lesser value it will add to your website. Therefore don’t rush. Get started with building your quality backlink profile by implementing the steps mentioned above. In case you have doubts or queries feel free to reach out to us. We are ever- ready to provide you with the solution. https://zebravo.com/what-is-backlink/

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