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Zeal token is an lending platform which has its own cryptocurrency. It gives the opportunity to be millionaire. BitConnect is a P2P financial platform, allows persons to lend online bitcoin through blockchain technology. http://zealtoken.com/


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Zeal Token - CONNECTING INVESTORS TO PROFESSIONAL TRADERS Zeal is a decentralized, anonymous platform for buying, selling and lending Zeal tokens . Zeal tokens run on the block-chain as an ERC-20 token using the symbol (ZEAL). Our lending platform functions as a bridge between holders of digital assets and professional traders. As a Zeal token holder, you are able to lend your tokens to our professional algorithmic traders (Z Team). In return for lending your tokens, the Z Team pays a daily interest for the duration of the loan. The goal is to provide the digital investment community a means to hold digital assets, while receiving a return on their investment in the form of a daily interest payment. http://zealtoken.com/

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The heart and soul of Zeal is our lending platform. The Zeal lending platform is a way for digital currency holders to earn interest by lending their Zeal tokens to our trading team (Z Team) in the form of variable rate loan. The lending platform creates a symbiotic relationship between those lending Zeal and our Z Team. The result? The lenders make a sizable return on investment for lending out their tokens, while our professional traders (Z Team) gain the much needed liquidity need to implement their trading strategies. It is a win, win scenario for both the borrower and the lender. A DECENTRALIZED, ANONYMOUS LENDING PLATFORM http://zealtoken.com/

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The technology that moves the entire Zeal ecosystem is our trading algorithms. Our algos trade a variety of digital currencies. Our principal strategy is a momentum trading, which means if one of our algos detects a rapid price movement for one of our trading pairs along with sufficient volume to confirm the movement is sustainable, our algos will place trades in the direction of the movement. http://zealtoken.com/

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