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Some words confused in English, with definitions, use, examples and exercises.


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Confusing words : 

Confusing words Borrow / lend Remember / remind Buy / rent

Borrow : 

Borrow To borrow is to take something that belongs to someone in order to use and return later. You borrow something from someone. I borrowed some books from the library and haven’t return them yet. Susan borrowed my new blouse and yesterday she returned with a stain on it.

Lend : 

Lend To lend is to let someone use something that belongs to you for a while. You lend something to someone. I lent Daniel some bucks and he won’t pay me back. Lucas bothers me! He’s always asking me to lend him my clothes!

Now complete with the correct verb: : 

Now complete with the correct verb: I need to go to the library to __________ that book on environment. a) borrow b) lend Sue refused to ___________ me her car for tonight’s party. a) borrow b) lend

Remember : 

Remember When you remember something, it comes to your mind. You can remember doing something (remember the fact that you did it) or remember to do something (remember that you have to do it). I always remember our teacher giving us some advice on how to pronounce English words. I didn’t remember to tell Al about this matter.

Remind : 

Remind To remind means to make someone remember something. You can also say that someone/something reminds you other person or thing when they are so similar that makes you remember the person / thing. Please, remind me to take the garbage out on Wednesday. You remind your mother so much! You both have the same hair color and terrific green eyes.

Choose the correct verb to fill in the gaps: : 

Choose the correct verb to fill in the gaps: In the future, you’ll have to ___________ everything your mother says. a) remember b) remind Please, I don’t need anyone to _________ me to do what I always do! a) remember b) remind

Buy : 

Buy To buy means to give money in order to pay for something, so it’ll be yours. Sue bought some wonderful pants last week. You have to see them! If you’re going downtown, could you please drop by the supermarket and buy me a couple of things?

Rent : 

Rent When you rent something, you pay for it so you can use it for a while. Normally if you want to continue using it, you have to pay monthly or weekly for it. When I travel to Brazil, I rent a sports car, so I can visit everywhere without taking cabs. The apartment was already rented but no one has moved in yet.

Now choose the correct verb to complete: : 

Now choose the correct verb to complete: I don’t want to pay monthly for a house, so I’m going to _________ a small one. a) buy b) rent When I travel to the States, I can’t take my car and won’t buy one either, so I always _______ one for a week. a) buy b) rent

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