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Chemical messengers:

Chemical messengers Chemical substances which are utilized to convey messages from one cell(controlling cell) to the other cell(target cell)

Endocrine messenger:

Endocrine messenger A chemical messenger released from the endocrine cells into blood &transported to the target site by blood . Insulin thyroxin

Paracrine messenger:

Paracrine messenger A chemical messenger that diffuses from controlling cell to target cell through the interstitial fluid Histamine

Autocrine messenger:

Autocrine messenger Chemical messengers those control the source cell leukotrienes

Neurocrine messenger:

Neurocrine messenger A chemical messenger released from nerve cell directly into blood and transported to a distant place ADH OXYTOCIN

Type of hormones:

Type of hormones Steroid Protein Derivative of Amino acids

Steroid :

Steroid Precursor cholesterol or its derivatives Gland s Adrenal gland Gonads' placenta

Protein :

Protein Large or small peptides Glands Pituitary gland Pancreas Placenta parathyroid

Tyrosine derivatives:

Tyrosine derivatives Thyroid Adrenal medulla

Hormone action:

Hormone action Does not at directly Hormone -receptor complex

Hormone receptors:

Hormone receptors Large protein molecules present in the target cell Specificity Location Cell membrane Proteins hormones and adrenal medulla Cytoplasm steroid hormones Nucleus Thyroid hormones

Regulation :

Regulation Down regulation Up regulation

Mechanism of action:

Mechanism of action Alteration in cell membrane’s permeability By activating the intracellular enzyme By activating genes

Activating intracellular enzymes:

Activating intracellular enzymes