Endocrinology of Pancreas


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Endocrinology of Pancreas:

Endocrinology of Pancreas Dr.Zafar

Islets of Langerhans:

Islets of Langerhans A cells B cells D cells F cells

Insulin :

Insulin Polypeptide of 51 amino acids A lpha chain (21 amino acids) Beta chain(30 amino acids)


Synthesis Site RER


Metabolism Binding of insulin to it’s receptors Receptors are present in the liver and kidney Insulin protease(IDE)

Mode of action:

Mode of action H-R complex Autophosphorylation of tyrosine kinase Activation/inactivation of intracellular enzyme

Regulation of secretion:

Regulation of secretion Normal blood glucose (80-100mg/ dL ) Normal insulin secretion(10µU/minute) Biphasic After meal (100µU/minute) After 15 minutes

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Role of proteins Arginine Lysine Role of lipid derivatives Beta ketoacids Role of GIT hormones Gastrin, CCK,Secretin Role of endocrine glands Growth hormone,cortisol ANS PNS stimulate SNS stimulate

Actions :

Actions Increase in the uptake of glucose by the cells Liver,muscle,adipose tissues Increase in the number of GLUT-4 Renal tubules brain, wall of intestine,RBC’s Promotes peripheral utilization of glucose Promotes storage of glucose Inhibition of glycogenolysis Inhibition of gluconeogensis

Protein metabolism:

Protein metabolism Increase in the uptake of amino acids Increase in t synthesis of proteins Prevents catabolism of proteins by decreasing activity of enzymes Prevents conversion of protein to glucose

Fat metabolism:

Fat metabolism Transport of fatty acids into adipose tissues Prevents catabolism of fats by decreasing activity of enzymes Synthesis of fatty acids and triglycerides

Growth :

Growth Anabolic

Signs &symptoms :

Signs &symptoms Glucosouria Osmotic diursis Polyuria Polydipsia Polyphagia Asthenia Acidosis Acetone breathing, circulatory shock

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