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Where Can I Get Death Records?:

Where Can I Get Death Records ?

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Death records, in general, may be obtained from the state or municipality in which the individual died. However, the process of obtaining a death record often involves a bit more legwork than simply requesting it.

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Death records provide a good deal of useful information about an individual’s death, including: the date of death, the place of death, and the name of the mother and father. Death records may also include the maiden name of the deceased’s mother.

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Regardless of why you are requesting a death record, it is important to understand that state and local governments are the only entities that issue death records; it is therefore often practical to head to the vital records office of the state or city in which the individual died.

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There are many resources for obtaining a death record; however, the conveniences of the Internet have allowed many individuals to obtain information on loved ones and ancestors that otherwise would have been quite difficult and time consuming to find.

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Most vital records offices accept walk-in requests; however, because most of these vital records offices are inundated with vital records requests, you may have to wait several weeks before they provide you with the death record in question .

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With that said, you may also obtain a copy of a death record through the vital records website of the state in question, and you may also send in a written request for the information.

Social Security Death Index :

Social Security Death Index Another valuable search tool for death certificates is through the Social Security Death Index. Begun in 1935, this online database is quite comprehensive, and it may be particularly useful if you don’t know the state in which an individual died. This website, however, may ask a lot of information about the deceased, including the name, the date of birth, the date of death, the social security number, and the state or county of residence.

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The Social Security Death Index is a valuable search tool, as it contains over 80 million records of death that have been reported to the SSA. However, it is important to understand that the Social Security Death Index does not have information on all individuals.

Online Searches:

Online Searches There are a number of online archives, however, that can provide you with death records in a more convenient fashion. All reputable search engines will require a fee; however, these fees are typically very small, and the search can be completed from the comfort of your home.

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Perhaps the most convenient part of using an online archive database is that you can search for individuals who died in different states. In other words, instead of searching for ancestors using separate state websites, you can perform comprehensive searches from just one location.

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There are many websites that either provide links to the appropriate state’s website or utilize search engines of their own. Either way, they can be highly useful when searching for death records from nearly any time and place.



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