Are There Free Vital Records

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Are There Free Vital Records?:

Are There Free Vital Records?

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Vital records are legal documents of important events, including birth, marriage, divorce, and death.  These records are created not only to keep census and vital statistics for government agencies, but for individual uses, such as identification, background checks, verification of marital status, verification for a life insurance claim, and many more reasons.

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However, searching for and obtaining vital records can be a chore, and there is usually a fee involved in obtaining a certified copy from a government agency. Is there vital record information that is available for free? And where can you get free vital record information?

Accessing Free Vital Records from Each State :

Accessing Free Vital Records from Each State Since vital records are legal government documents, they must be requested through an official form, and a fee must be paid.  Each state and government agency has its own procedure and fee schedule for vital records official copy requests. However, some states will provide limited free information online for those vital records that are deemed “public record.”

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Thankfully, tracking down the right agency to contact can be easy if you know where to look. If you know the specific agency you need, you can start by looking at the free resource located at . Here you can locate for free the specific agency for each vital record for every state in the U.S.

Online Resources for Vital Records :

Online Resources for Vital Records If you are searching a record for someone else, or don’t know the specific county or state agency, you can find online resources that provide helpful information. One online resource is  At you can search their collection of over 1.3 billion records, browse collections of records, network with other family history and genealogy buffs, and even find or ask expert advice.

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Although does charge a subscription fee for the use of their vast database, you can access their records for no charge with a free 7-day trial. Use your free 7-day trial to search for your own records, your living relatives, or even your ancestors. If you find that the service is worthwhile, your subscription will automatically begin after 7 days if you do not cancel.

Free Online Search Tools :

Free Online Search Tools In the hunt for family tree ancestors or even living relatives, you do have other free resources and search engines. Another free search engine is at This free search engine can help you find records by using specific surnames or state, and it provides additional genealogy help. A search could turn up digital copies of your ancestors’ records, including property deeds, marriage bonds, and other certificates.

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Another popular genealogy site is Here you can upload your own family tree information and browse over 300,000 posted family trees and over 3 billion records. Still another helpful website that may help you find ancestors in your family tree search is the research site provided by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints at

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Your search for personal vital records or ancestry records doesn’t have to be a chore or cost you a lot of money. Try these free resources to get you started and with the right information you can get the records you need.



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