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When you walk the Camino for the first time one of the major fears is having blisters on your feet. Despite being a minor health problem it is convenient to take some precautions to try and avoid them. Santiago de Compostela The most important is wearing the appropriate footwear based on the season you will be doing the Camino. Some pilgrims use hiking boots made out of Gore -Tex even at summer and this is a huge mistake. During summer this kind of footwear can cause overheating and excessive sweating and that causes blisters. When you walk the Camino during the summer sport shoes or summer hiking boots are always the best option. It will be better to have your feet wet for a day than have them overheated throughout the journey.

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Avoid new shoes. Your footwear must be well adapted to your feet this is important to avoid abrasion. It is advisable to make long walks with the same footwear for several weeks before starting the Camino. Wear socks that fit well and are comfortable to your feet cotton or anti -wicking fiber socks are the best option. Stop immediately if you notice any kind of rubbing on your feet along the way and cover the area with a piece of tape or a band-aid. Try not to walk with your feet wet in the case of excessive sweating or simply wetness due to rain just make a stop take off your shoes and leave them to dry in the air. Change your socks before restart walking. Wash your feet well when you finish your day and pay special attention to the area between your fingers. Even when you cannot take a shower it is convenient to wash your feet well in a fountain or a stream.