Getting Rid Spiders - Fighting The Infestation


Presentation Description–One of the most common and most feared pests in our homes are spiders. Spiders like to hide in dark corners and high places in your home. And while they are beneficial, most people still do not like the spiders in their homes. If you notice spiders in your home to contact a Bloomington pest control company immediately.


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Getting Rid Spiders:

Getting Rid Spiders Fighting The Infestation That May Be Invading Your Home

House Spiders:

House Spiders House spiders are most frequently found in human dwelling places. Although their presence is discomforting, house spiders are not necessarily lethal to humans . If you have a spider infestation do not panic. The common house spider is not dangerous.

What Do They Look Like?:

What Do They Look Like? *Most house spiders are brown in color and measuring less than one inch in length. *The domestic house spider may have a leg span of up to 2 inches.

Where Are They Commonly Found?:

Where Are They Commonly Found? Spiders like to hide in dark corners. They are found perched high in corners, hiding in the bathtub or crawling across surfaces in the home.

Am I At Risk?:

Am I At Risk? *In truth, spiders are beneficial creatures because they prey upon flies, crickets and other nuisance insects. *Most are harmless. Contrary to the opinion of many, spiders do not seek out human contact, and do not revel in the thought of biting humans. *Most only bite humans out of a defensive mechanism.

Three Common House Spiders :

Three Common House Spiders

Dealing with Infestation:

Dealing with Infestation If you do begin to notice multiple spiders on your property, it's best to contact a Bloomington pest control company immediately. They'll need to locate the parent colony and any satellite colonies to begin the treatment process. Depending on the size of the infestation as well as the time of year, the pest control company may use a number of different poison baits to eliminate the problem entirely.

Will They Come Back?:

Will They Come Back? Unless you approach the problem with proper management techniques, you are likely to have a problem for several years.