Disney Land - A Mini Orlando in Japan!

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Disney Land “A Mini Orlando in Japan” :

Disney Land “A Mini Orlando in Japan”

Disney Land - A Mini Orlando in Japan! :

Disney Land - A Mini Orlando in Japan! Being the youngest in my family, my every wish was granted as a child and even now. So when I heard about the magical Disney land and Universal Studios theme parks in Orlando, my parents had to make that stop on our trip to America. Trust me, for a moment I thought I was in a fantasy land, all the characters and props set in the parks just reflected the movies and cartoon experience that we saw as kids and even now. When a close friend recently visited Japan and broke it upon me that well oh well Japan has a Disney Land too, I was thrilled. The next thing I know, we were packing our bags and flying to the beautiful archipelago on the face of this Earth; Japan. Of all the tourist travel places in Japan, the one I have reviewed is just what every kid dreams of for his vacation. Read ahead for my reviews on the Disney Theme Park in Japan.

Disney Land (Tokyo):

Disney Land (Tokyo ) Opened in 1983, Tokyo Disneyland is made up of seven themed lands and features seasonal decorations and parades.


World Bazaar World Bazaar, situated at the main entrance to the park, is a secured shopping arcade lined by shops and eateries. This zone is themed like a mid twentieth century American town and serves as the park's main shopping zone where numerous visitors stop on their way out of the park.


2.Tomorrow Land This part of the park features scientific discoveries, technology and future. It features movies with a similar theme and famous rides include Space Mountain, Star Tours and Buzz Light year's AstroBlasters .


3.Toon Town Toontown is a rural toon neighborhood where the Disney characters live, work and play. Designed for a more youthful crowd, Toontown lets guests meet Mickey at his home, play on Donald Duck's watercraft, look at Chip'n Dale's Treehouse and ride a child rollercoaster .


4.Fantasy Land Fantasyland depends on the fantastic vivified movies by Disney and is home to the notable Cinderella's Castle at the focal point of the recreation center, and also different characters and rides, for example, Peter Pan, Snow White, It's A Small World and Pooh's Hunny Hunt, a unique Fantasyland fascination special to Tokyo Disneyland.


5.Critter Country Critter Country is home to Br'er Rabbit, Br'er Fox, Br'er Bear and alternate characters from the Disney film "Tune of the South". Here you can locate the prominent Splash Mountain log ride, and additionally guided kayak visits on the Rivers of America.


6.Western Land Western land is themed after the US western wilderness along the Rivers of America. The park is home to the famous rollercoaster Big Thunder Mountain, while Tom Sawyer Island is situated out amidst the waterway .


7.Adventure Land Adventure land incorporates attractions that envelop the spirit of adventure. Here you can join a wilderness journey, explore the Swiss Family Tree house, ride the Western River Railroad and sail with the Pirates of the Caribbean.

Thankyou! Hey don’t forget to tell me if you agree with my reviews or not! Bon Voyage! :

Thankyou ! Hey don’t forget to tell me if you agree with my reviews or not! Bon Voyage! Prepared by “www.youcojapan.com ”

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