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YoTurf is an iOS latest launched chatting application owned by Crackheads. YoTurf will let you connect with people known or unknown based on your interest you have to select a decent number of interest and this app will find people nearby who also share the same like and dislike as you.


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YoTurf APP – Social Networking Chatting App:

YoTurf APP – Social Networking Chatting App By: Bhavna Singh

What is YoTurf App? :

What is YoTurf App? YoTurf App is basically a social networking mobile chatting app. It is developed by Crackheads YoTurf is specially developed for introverts.

Aim of YoTurf:

Aim of YoTurf YoTurf app aims to connect introverts based on their shared interest across the genres. Abhimanyu Jadhavrao , the founder and CEO, has this to say, "As an introvert, my growing up years were bit of a struggle. I always wanted to speak what was on my mind... like cars, photography and food. But never really found the nerve to approach anyone. YoTurf , in a way, is a tool to relive my childhood. I hope you have fun using this App.“


Turfers People who are using YoTurf are known as Turfers . YoTurf is the latest iOS launch to connect Turfers based on location and shared interest.

YoTurf – Boon for Introverts:

YoTurf – Boon for Introverts If you are facing problem in communication because of your introvert nature or you are comfortable to interact without knowing common between you and the other one. YoTurf is the solution of your problem. You can find people sharing same likes and dislikes as you and also can find in your preferred location as well, as YoTurf is also a GPS app .

How to make Friends on YoTurf:

How to make Friends on YoTurf You just have to create your profile and once you have selected list of your interests, you’ll find a plenty of people having same likes and dislikes.

How to block / Unfriend on YoTurf:

How to block / Unfriend on YoTurf If you are being disturbed by any unwanted pings from any turfer sharing same interest like you, then you can simply block the user by touching or pressing the same button which you clicked while making connection.

Available at App Store:

Available at App Store You can easily download the App from App store: For more details browse:

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