How YObykes differ from conventional two-wheelers

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Title: How YObykes differ from conventional two- wheelers Description: YObykes are not just another conventional two- wheeler, they are different. They are battery bikes which are eco-friendly, economical, convenient and safe.

How YObykes differ from conventional two-wheelers:

How YObykes differ from conventional two-wheelers


YObykes are battery scooters that are designed, developed and manufactured in India. Being economical, eco-friendly, safe and convenient; they are rated as the   best electric bikes .


They aren’t just like any other petrol-driven two-wheeler. They require no fuel and so, are zero-pollution two-wheelers. Based on power electronics, YObykes use BLDC motor rather than the conventional engine .


Factors Conventional Bikes YObykes Power and Drive Engine and/or Gear Box BLDC Motor and Controllers Fuel Petrol, Diesel or Gas Electric Power Start Mode Self-Start and/or Kick Start Key Start Heavy Components Gear Box, Air/Oil Filters, Clutch Plates, Engine, etc. Battery and Motor Weight Heavy Light in Weight Mileage 45 to 60 Km/L 60 to 100 Km/Charge Running Cost Around 1.50 Rs /Km Around 0.17 Paisa/Km Oil Expense Rs. 250 per 2000 Km NIL (Oil Not Required) Maintenance Cost Very High Comparatively Very Low Riding Mode Selector Not Available Economy + Power Mode Selector Eco-Friendly NO ZERO Tail Pipe Emission Driving License and Registration Required Not Required (Some Models)


Our entire fleet of battery scooters is pollution-free and they are lightweight with easily manageable controls which make them ideal for all the age groups – right from your school-going champ to your grandparents! And the biggest plus point is that they’re economical and can help you save BIG !

Don’t believe? Calculate it on your own!:

Don’t believe? Calculate  it on your own!

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