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GUC – German University in Cairo Architecture and Urban Design ARCH 702 Legislation, Professional Practice and Contracts Winter 2018 Instructor: Dr. Yasser Mahgoub:

GUC – German University in Cairo Architecture and Urban Design ARCH 702 Legislation, Professional Practice and Contracts Winter 2018 Instructor : Dr. Yasser Mahgoub Lecture 5 Project Delivery Approaches 1

Project Delivery Approaches:

Project Delivery Approaches

Delivery Approaches:

Delivery Approaches Delivery approaches affect the content , level of development , and packaging of the construction documents .

Early Award:

Early Award The contractor is selected on the basis of early "pricing documents" , which include only the items the contractor needs to develop a price for.

Project Delivery Approaches:

Project Delivery Approaches Owner as Contractors Single Prime Contract (Design Bid Build) Multiple Prime Contracts Construction Management Design/Build Other: Early award Fast track

Design-Bid-Build (DBB):

Design-Bid-Build (DBB ) This project delivery method is the “ traditional ” means of delivering a construction project, and creates a clear separation between the design and construction process. Typically the only criteria for selection of a contractor in design-bid-build (DBB) projects is the lowest construction price .

Design-Bid-Build (DBB):

Design-Bid-Build (DBB ) To begin the DBB process: A n architect or engineer (A/E) is hired by an owner to create design documents (drawings and technical specifications) for a project. In addition, the A/E will usually develop a project cost estimate and schedule . Once the design documents are completed, a Request for Bids (sometimes called a Request for Proposal ) (RFP/RFB) is created a released to contractors. Contractors will then evaluate the project documents and provide a price for the work . The A/E is responsible for answering bidder questions and for assisting the owner in evaluating the received bids . Once a bid is selected , the owner establishes a contract with the chosen contractor and work begins on the project .

Design-Bid-Build (DBB):

Design-Bid-Build (DBB ) The DBB method is typically the most familiar to those in the industry . It also has, in theory, the ability to deliver a low-cost project . However , since this method isolates the contractor from the design process , there is a high potential for project cost increases due to conflicts between the design documents and the constructability of the project in the field .

Design-Bid-Build (DBB):

Design-Bid-Build (DBB ) Also , selecting a low bidder can result in a decrease in the quality of the finished product , as the contractor must often determine ways of achieving a profit on the job, working under a budget that was the lowest of all contractors submitting pricing. In general, the DBB process is best used on projects that are simple , that are not under a tight time crunch and that have a limited budget .

Multiple Prime Contracts:

Multiple Prime Contracts When the construction contract is divided into multiple prime contracts. There will be multiple construction documents packages (or carefully delineated packages of work within a single set of documents). The summary of work and the article on related work in Part 1 of each specification section are the major vehicles for clarifying the relationships between packages .

Construction Management:

Construction Management Projects involving construction management are often fast-tracked. Construction documents must reflect administrative and contractual differences. Construction Documents

Construction Management:

Construction Management They may involve " scope documents" as a basis for providing the owner with a fixed price or a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) for construction. Construction Documents

Construction Management:

Construction Management Scope documents : Incomplete, but sufficiently developed, documents that indicate material qualities done before all construction documents are fully developed. Construction Documents


Deign/Build A single entity that designs and builds. Commitment based on a schematic design or a performance specification that involves no design .

Design-Build (DB):

Design-Build (DB ) In a design-build project, the owner hires a company or team under one contract to deliver the construction project from start to finish . Since the team is responsible for both the design and the construction components, pricing changes are kept to a minimum, and are usually isolated only to those instances where unknown conditions or owner requests necessitate cost increases. If DB entities are comprised of more than one company, it is important for the owner to ide ntify the working relationship between the members of a potentially selected team in order to minimize conflicts further down the road .

Design-Build (DB):

Design-Build (DB ) The DB method provides the ability to deliver a project on a tight schedule , as projects can be split up and delivered in a package approach, where individual components are designed and built as needed to achieve the final completion date. Generally the owner can establish a firm maximum price of the project early on, and has a significant amount of cost control. Design build is typically used for construction projects where the owner has clearly established the requirements prior to design. It can also be an appropriate method when schedule is a concern, as it removes the components of the schedule that would typically be consumed by the bidding and procurement process .

Fast-track projects:

Fast-track projects Requires coordination among documents packages. Various packages are not bid or negotiated at the same time.


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