Photocatalysis Building Construction Approach | Polyisocyanurate Foam


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The photocatalysis effect gives a result of purified air to the atmosphere. It has great impact on future environmental conditions. Follow:


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Build The New Era In Construction With Yitac:

Build The New Era In Construction With Yitac

About Yitac Pte Ltd:

About Yitac Pte Ltd Yitac Pte Ltd has everything you need to know about construction of a building and the prospective regarding its engineering solutions. It is a Singapore based company enclosed with its strong source networking and well know as a manufacturer & supplier of construction materials.

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Our Products Photocatalysis self-cleaning coating Soffit Installation Polyisocyanurate Rigid Foam Passive Cooling System


Photocatalysis It is an extremely demanding process in construction industry. This is the best way to provide thermal cooling to the walls.


Soffit Installation Choose Quality soffits to protect your home exterior. Soffit Installation board is essential to prevent any damage to the roof due to a collection of rainwater.


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