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As the technology is going so fast and being advanced day by day to walk with the same speed Yitac offers coating technology for the exterior walls. Have a look :


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Why Choose Exterior Wall Coatings To Protect Your Home?


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Applying proper wall coatings, such as photocatalytic coating , prevents the need to repaint your walls again and again as its long lasting. It will not need to be touched-up every couple of years. Bid Adieu To Paint:


It Helps Insulate: Many people are not aware that properly applied coating provides insulation. Exterior wall coatings can withstand changing temperatures from hot to cold. This benefit, in turn, will help you save a ton of money on cooling and heating expenses in the long run.


Damp Prevention: Damp is a major problem for the majority of the house owners. However, this problem can be avoided with the help of the correct wall coatings. This coating is micro-porous, which lets the walls to breathe and prohibits the trouble of excess moisture in the future.


Cost Effective: In contrast to the cost of painting your house in a few years, wall coatings, on the other hand, will not cost that much as these are long lasting and will continue to add subsequent value to your home in the coming years.


It Maintains The Beauty Of The Walls: Not only is wall coating financially beneficial, but it also adds the wow factor to the walls. Walls coated with photocatalyst coatings like activa® require minimum maintenance. Your maintenance cost gets reduced by 75% to 90%. Additionally, a properly coated wall draws in potential buyers.

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