Unique Crochet Gifts

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Looking for the unique crochet gift for your loved one? Take a look at the article. Here you will find a number of crochet gift ideas like crochet patter baby blanket, baby booties, chic cat bed and more that you can use to surprise your special one.


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Unique Crochet Gifts:

Unique Crochet Gifts


Crochets are handicrafts where yarns made up of textured fabric are designed to form a wide range of products such as bags and clothes. Their use dates back to 19th Century in Europe with different patterns developing over time to produce diverse products.


Crochet is particularly common with baby products where you can also give them out as gifts. If you’re wondering which crochet you should use as a gift, we have unique crochet pattern you can surprise your guests with below.

Crochet Pattern Baby Blanket:

Crochet Pattern Baby Blanket A sleeping baby is adorable, but a baby face under a crochet baby blanket is even more delightful! A crochet blanket made of soft yarns would make a perfect gift for that newborn, preemie or small baby.


There are different patterns you can choose from in this case such as Lavender, Ruffle Edged, Angel Heart as well as the Feather Fan blanket.

Baby Booties:

Baby Booties Crochet booties come in different patterns and sizes to bring out a classic look thus you can never go wrong by choosing them as a gift. Baby booties, in particular, complete any outfit where you can choose from miniature versions such as Converse, Uggs and Sperry.


It’s not to mention that adults can also rock in crochet shoe appliqués such as moccasins, barefoot sandals as well as flat stiletto slippers. Additionally, you can learn how to make crochet patterns which feels excellent to gift them to someone.

Chantilly Lace Dress:

Chantilly Lace Dress Thinking about a summer gift for that little girl? The Chantilly Lace dress is the perfect sundress and comes with a versatile design for extra comfort to the little one as well as older siblings of up to eight years. They have adjustable length making them a flexible gift choice over time.

Chic Cat Bed:

Chic Cat Bed The shabby-chic bed sends warm gestures about your guest’s kitty by giving it a cozy place to take its naps. To make this round cat bed, you need a yarn needle, stitch maker, S Hook measuring 19mm and about 140 yards of Loops as well as Threads Chunky Yarn.


Its total size is 17″ wide * 5″ tall and is made from super bulky yarn weight. http://www.yhtack.com/

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