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WHAT IS GOOGLE LISTING  Google refers to its Local Business Listing Platform as Google My Business listing. The resulting Google My Business listings include a Business’ Name Address Phone Number and Website. This business listing information is available through a variety of Google properties — including Google Maps.  In fact Google My Business offers everything you need for a potential customer to find and use your services buy your products or visit your business. Once you’ve registered or claimed your local business listing via the Google My Business dashboard you can respond to customer reviews and add images to help your business stand out.

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 Google’s local listings are intrinsically tied to local SEO.  When users search for localized keywords/terms using Google they will be presented with relevant local business listings all tailored to the search term used. business/google-my-business-listing/

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THANK YOU FOR WATCHING Any issue contact us: business/google-my-business-listing/ Call us: 1-888-266-1754