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What if?:

What if? Imagine because Imagination pays

Imagine a world where:

Imagine a world where What you do is more important than what you own Integrity , compassion, courage and humility define you The smile on someone else’s face lights up your own Imagine because it is the first step

Where justice has a name:

Where justice has a name Your’s

What if Banks…:

What if Banks… Existed to enable the poor to become wealthy? Economies would boom and recession would be something taught in the history class Only service can create wealth

What if Doctors…:

What if Doctors… Existed to alleviate suffering? Cost of medical care would plummet and society would become far healthier Because c ompassion pays

What if Teachers…:

What if Teachers… Said, “Today I will teach like I’ve never taught before.” Schools would become places of discovery, not drudgery Open the doors of the mind

What if Parents…:

What if Parents… Considered their children to be their gifts to the world? Parenting would be a joy, not an accident Children need upbringing, not merely food

What if Governments…:

What if Governments… Were formed of the best of us, not just the most popular We would have statesmen, not politicians A just society would be it’s first result

What if science…:

What if science… Helped us to protect the earth instead of exploiting it to death? Future generations wouldn’t wonder how we knew so much yet committed suicide Ignorance is harmful, but knowledge?

What if We… :

What if We… C ollaborated instead of competing? There would be no wars. That alone is reason enough

What if Character… :

What if Character… Distinguished us instead of money? We would still be rich but its effects would be different Because honor is real wealth

What if Your legacy…:

What if Your legacy… Was more important to you than what you have today? What would you change? And that is the next step

Is this practical?:

Is this practical? Neither was flying Until someone decided to try Are you that person?

What if?:

What if? You did something about all this today? www.yawarbaig.com

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