Philippines - A Thriving Destination to Study MBBS

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Philippines has become a center of education, especially for medical education. The medical universities in the Philippines like the, Our Lady of Fatima University, AMA School Of Medicine and University Of Perpetual Help are known all over the world for their standard of education.


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Yash Overseas Education | +91 9096784457 Philippines: A Thriving Destination to Study MBBS Located in SoutheastAsia in the Western Pacific ocean Philippines is a small island country with a population of nearly 105 million people. However lately the Philippines has become a centre of education especially for medical education attracting students from all over Asia and Europe. The MBBS course in the Philippines is called as the MD program Doctor of Medicine. This program is equivalent to the MBBS course in India the United Kingdom and other Commonwealth countries. The degrees granted by the medical universities in the Philippines have recognition from the World Health Organisation as well as the Medical Council of India. The reasons for the popularity of Philippines MBBS courses The medical universities in the Philippines like the Our Lady of Fatima university are known all over the world for their standard of education and all the major countries recognise the degrees awarded by them. The language barrier is one of the biggest hurdles that students face when travelling to another country for studying. In the Philippines English is the national language along with Filipino. More than 90 of the population in the Philippines speaks English. Moreover English is the

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Yash Overseas Education | +91 9096784457 language of instruction for all medical courses. This makes it very easy for international students to adjust to the teaching methods utilised in this country. Apart from this the tropical climate of the Philippines makes it easy for the students to adjust to the new settings as the weather conditions are not as harsh as the European countries. Students pay hefty fees for studying MBBS as it is one of the most expensive educational course. The cost of living as well as the fee for medical courses is much lesser in the Philippines as compared to other countries making it a preferred destination for students from all over the world. Also the students do not have to go through tough competitive exams like NEET to gain admission into the medical university. They also do not have to pay any hefty donation fee either for the same. All these factors have boosted the popularity of Philippines as a centre for education. More than 20000 students enrol into the medical courses in Philippines each year. Stay Connected with us:- Facebook|Twitter|Linkedin|Google+|Pinterest Contact Us on: Email: - Website: - Call Now: - +91 9096784457 +91 9422134157