The Complete Guide to Using Facebook Messenger Bots for BusinESS

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The Complete Guide to Using Facebook Messenger Bots for BusinESS

1. Reach your audience directly :

1 . Reach your audience directly


Headliner Labs found that people are 3.5 times more likely to open a Facebook Message than a marketing email. And since customers can respond (usually by pressing a CTA button—they don’t even need to type), they’re likely to move further down  your marketing funnel. On top of that, Facebook Messenger has sponsored ads, which can be sent to anyone who has previously been in touch with your Page. Yes, this means that you already have a subscriber list. You can use these ads in tandem with your chatbot to target high-intent customers.


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2. Save time and money on customer care :

2 . Save time and money on customer care


Customers expect 24/7 availability, but they hate waiting on hold. They also ask many of the same questions over and over (and over) again. If you’re spending a lot of time helping people track deliveries, check your return policy, or book appointments, a little automation will go a long way. Free up your focus for the tasks that a Messenger chatbot can’t do.

3. Identify leads :

3 . Identify leads


As your bot greets potential customers, it can identify their needs, ask basic questions, (i.e., “What’s your budget?”) and immediately direct high-quality leads to your human sales team.

4. Handle e-commerce transactions :

4 . Handle e-commerce transactions


With the right script, bots can do the selling, too. And because everything happens without leaving the comfort of Facebook Messenger, drop-off rates are lower than in a traditional ad-to-web page pipeline . Also, conversational commerce leaves room for personalized up selling as the bot makes suggestions. Everything from “Seems your flight won’t be leaving until 4PM. Would you prefer a late check-out?” to “Fries with that?”

5. Re-engage customers :

5 . Re-engage customers


Bots are capable of retaining information, and you can use those details to go the extra mile. Rather than paying for a barrage of advertising, a Facebook Messenger bot can reach out personally, offering relevant contentat the right time. Remind a customer about those cycling shorts still sitting in her cart, or that she sent her mother-in-law birthday flowers this time last year.


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