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Yalla is the know it all guide for families in Abu Dhabi, providing useful information for everyday living in the Capital; from leading schools and nurseries, to kid’s holiday camps, and the best things to do in Abu Dhabi- we’ve got it all covered. Our comprehensive A-Z Directory lets you find up to date details for everything from children’s parties to activity centres, and everything in between, plus our events diary keeps you up to date with the latest family events in Abu Dhabi. On our website, you’ll also find our infamous Yalla Map, which you can download, print, and use to explore the Capital.


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Things to do in Abu Dhabi - Preschools in Abu Dhabi Yalla Abu Dhabi Things to do in Abu Dhabi ​ - ​Fun Activities in United Arab Emiratess capital - truly there ar - unit many activities in United Arab Emiratess capital for you to do and do. Schools in Abu Dhabi ​ - ​First of all you will do the hoofed mammal campaign. You’d see attractive views among the inland desserts like Liwa and Al own Oasis. Preschools in Abu Dhabi ​ - ​You could to boot play golf since United Arab Emiratess capital is home to variety of the foremost wonderful golf clubs that feature 1st facilities.

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There’s to boot vale Bashing if youd wish to feel the endocrine rush. Dance classes in Abu Dhabi ​ - ​Things to try and do in United Arab Emiratess capital - expertise the fun of driving a four wheel drive at crazy speeds on a dry and rocky bed. skin-dive and snorkelling is to boot a demand as a results of the waters of the gulf will surely stun you. the fun of powerboat athletics is definitely coarctate among the list for its very well-liked to every tourists and locals alike. Swimming classes in Abu Dhabi ​ - ​There ar many attractions in United Arab Emiratess capital. you want to see variety of the historical places among the city which could cause you to find out of Abu Dhabi’s rich history and culture and still entertain you at the same time. youd probably want to travel to Khalifa Park and Khalifa Park deposit.

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Dentist clinics in Abu Dhabi ​ - ​There’s to boot the soul Zayed house of worship thats that the third largest house of worship among the planet and is named once the founder and first president of UAE. youd probably to boot want to decision in at Qasr al-Hosn to boot remarked because the white or previous fort. It served as a result of the royal palace and so the seat of state until 1966. its to boot the oldest historical building of United Arab Emiratess capital that dates back to 1793. Events in United Arab Emiratess capital to boot attract many tourists from all over the world. You don’t want to miss some the events that unit command annually in United Arab Emiratess capital a bit like the United Arab Emiratess capital flavouring and pageant. one altogether the foremost seamy events that occur each year is that the athletics. After college activities in United Arab Emiratess capital - This gathers infinite tourists furthermore as locals and even members of the royalty. United Arab Emiratess capital diversion still options a heap future for people that like sports and art. you will attend Red Bull Air Race playoff or International art Antiques honest. The most modern trend of diversion for the younger generation recently goes to clubs or ballroom bars. Camps in United Arab Emiratess capital - The nightlife in United Arab Emiratess capital presents a less chaotic and extra chilled form of partying than what most of the folks unit accustomed. pay the night out at some the foremost effective clubs and bars in United Arab Emiratess capital a bit like the amphitheater. one altogether Abu Dhabi’s hotspot you’ll notice a young philosophy crowd where you will be able to dance and listen to the foremost recent hits contend by a daily DJ. The price of the drinks here unit cheap and girls get bound free as a results of it’s a Roman-style cabaret. United Arab Emiratess capital diversion is definite to make your keep among the city a lingering one that may to boot cause you to want to travel to that the second time

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