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Interesting facts India invented number system.0is first created by Arayabhatta. India established the world’s first university at Takshasila in 700 B.C. Sanskrit is our mother of all European language. It is best suited language for computer software. {Forbes magazines, July 1987}. Aurveda is the earliest system of medicines known as humans. The ‘place value’ system and ‘the decimal’ system were developed in 100 B.C. India.


TOURISTS DELHI Geographical as well as historical, Delhi consists of seven distinct cities, built through the various rulers as their capitals. New Delhi, an orderly plan of wide roads lined with sturdy colonials buildings, was established as capital of British raj in 1911, and has continued as capital of independent India. Old Delhi, shah jahan seventeenth-centaury capital of shahjahanbad is quintessentially Indian. The traditional lifestyle of its population has changed little over in 200 years.


POEM Oh! The wonderful beauty of Himalayas puzzles me The rajasthani thar deserts sweats me; The clouds of cheerapunji shower me; The Switzerland of India, Kashmir shivers me; The music of Hindustani and carnatic wonders me; the land of great national leaders and genus proud me; More than hundred crores of population living without any confusion The great way of India opens a way of love and attentation ; The history of India made its inscription; many civilizations has its evaluation; A wide variety of agriculture and culture

Is, this the gift of nature; The white marbellest taj mahal reflects the skill of India; The white marble of taj mahal reflects the skills of India; The country had its strong military bornyo make many victories; India a country of humanism, which acts against terrorism; India a super power in 2020, the dreams of Abdul Kalama. maa tujhe salam!!!!

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