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Rhetoric A Unit Plan by Xyvil Dapal

Content Standards & Unit Goals:

Content Standards & Unit Goals “Determine an author’s point of view or purpose in a text in which the rhetoric is particularly effective, analyzing how style and content contribute to the power, persuasiveness, or beauty of the text.” Big Ideas: What is rhetoric? What makes a speech effective/successful? What are the rhetorical devices? When is a device appropriate? Promote 21 st century skills by analyzing texts they may read in the future online, such as news articles, journals, speeches, and they can be better communicators online and in person. They are able to decide for themselves if an online source is credible or not based on the rhetoric an author uses.

Student Learning Objectives:

Student Learning Objectives Students will identify an author’s perspective/purpose in speeches, poetry, and prose. Students will be able to define and differentiate between the various rhetorical strategies in presented reading. Students can analyze the effectiveness of a speech by critiquing the devices used in the piece. Assessments used: Quizzes/tests In-class discussion In-class & out-of-class writing Group work Research Quote identification

Learning Activities:

Learning Activities 1. Quizzes after the end of a week to test students on their knowledge and ability to identify rhetorical devices. 2. Brainstorming activity that asks students to find a quote from a reading and make an argument on what device is being used and how it is effective.

Why Rhetoric?:

Why Rhetoric? Rhetoric is everywhere! Rhetoric was such a fun unit when I learned it back in high school, and to this day, I use it in my essays and writing. It is useful when I read for fun because it allows me to see perspective and aids in my understanding of a novel or poem! I believe that rhetoric is useful in college writing classes, which many students will have to take as part of their General Education requirement. Learning the modes of rhetoric results in better communication skills! I think it’s a great topic to use technology because you can use multiple mediums to expose and introduce the differing modes. There are so many videos alone on rhetoric concerning ethos, logos, and pathos. There are so many presentations on certain devices like satire, juxtaposition, etc. There’s so many ways to present these ideas in a fun way!

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