Parody eHarmony 'Hitman in Love'

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International small arms dealer looking for love. Although all inquiries will be considered would prefer to meet Gaga or Lindsay Lohan. Security provided by Mr. 'A'.


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Slide 1: 

EHarmony, my boss is looking for love. Alejandro’s eHarmony Plea for Love

Slide 2: 

His work as a small arms dealer requires extensive travel.

Slide 3: 

He’s looking for a woman who shares his sense of his adventure, and appreciates the song styling of David Hasselhoff.

Slide 4: 

The boss enjoys chamber music and a good merlot by the fire.

Slide 6: 

He’s quick to laugh.

Slide 8: 

He’s quick to forgive…

Slide 10: 

We’re currently filming in an undisclosed location due to there being a hit on Mr. ‘A’.

Slide 11: 

We would be willing to meet Gaga or Lindsay Lohan half-way, and provide security.

Slide 12: 

The boss says Lady Gaga was sending him a message when she wrote ‘Alejandro’..

Slide 13: 

The boss says don’t try to match him with Kate Gosselin again!

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