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Weight loss is easy only if you are 100% committed to your goal. XTL Extreme Living offer several health benefits for healthy living. Visit here: https://bit.ly/2G6uonA


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Weight Loss is Easy | Healthy Living - XTL Extreme Living:

Weight Loss is Easy | Healthy Living - XTL Extreme Living

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Do you know Weight loss is easy! I can hear you voicing your disagreement from here … ” No it’s not, it’s incredibly hard, and it’s never worked long-term for me ”. Sounds simple, but it’s not. It’s a fact, 99% of people will fail at long-term weight loss! Now you know that very sad statistic, and before we go any further, you must decide if you really, really, desperately want to lose weight and improve your health or not?

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Weight loss is easy but hard work and if you are not 100% committed to your goal and then success is not very likely . You have to realise , this maybe your best ever chance of weight loss success. This is not like any other weight loss advice out there. It tells it how it is, it’s not afraid to hurt your feelings and to be honest, it might be the exact thing you need to push you out of your comfort zone and get you to take action . The ideal meal plan is… Small – you don’t need big meal sizes or as big as you think you need. Yes you may feel you are starving, but that feeling subsides after a while. That’s why grazing on small portions of healthy Living and foods throughout the day helps.

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Breakfast – one choice only Whole grains with a serving of cut fruit A protein shake before and after exercise On the weekend – Half a serving of wholegrain toast with avocado, an egg, grilled tomato, mushroom and cooked spinach Important note: Rain is not an excuse to not exercise. If you are able to afford it, get a gym membership and a personal trainer once a week or join an outdoor boot camp group. The great thing about either of those options is that the person in charge will always push you in the right way and correct any incorrect exercise techniques as you go. You will always train yourself harder with someone, than if just by yourself.

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Yes, it’s going to hurt at the start. No, let me rephrase, it’s going to hurt almost every time you exercise and that’s a good thing. I have been doing this for many years and unless I feel muscular pain for several days after, I know I haven’t trained hard enough and actually get disappointed if I don’t . Here’s what you will need in order to succeed in your weight loss goal … Will Power Imagine it’s raining and your legs are sore from yesterday’s walk, what do you do ?

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Assuming you’re one of the people still reading with us, this is the start of your health journey – one that actually works . For your answer, I want you to send me your answer and commitment via this email [email protected]

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