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How to Live a Better Life | Weight Loss is Easy - XTL Extreme Living:

How to Live a Better Life | Weight Loss is Easy - XTL Extreme Living

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The best way anyone can start to improve their lives is to continuously ask questions with “Am I …” at the start.   Am I happy Am I living in the moment? Am I eating well? Am I being the best I can be? Am I … a million other things The overriding principle to becoming a better person is to always do the right thing and do it well.

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Think about what you do before you do it and, if it isn’t moral………..   Be grateful for what you already have. Continual want and desire for immediate gratification creates stress, worry, impatience and unhappiness, be thankful for what you already have on a daily basis and set realistic goals with a time-line for the things you want in the future. It will change your perspective.   Plan your day the night before. Successful people start their day, a night or more before. Having a to do list allows you to sleep better and often give you solutions to things as you sleep.

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Start your day off right. Health and Fitness at the start of the day gives you energy and boosts your confidence.   Exercise along with a healthy diet will boost your stamina, increase your vitality and kick-start your day in the right direction.   Find and manage your ideal weight. Weight loss is really easy if you know how, it’s the part between our ears that gives us trouble . Let the past be the past. How can you get on with life if you are living in the past? Everyone has past dramas and ‘stuff’, once and for all let it go and move on with your life.

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Don’t live in the future. Besides being an impossibility, it sets the life of, ‘I’ll be happy when’ way of thinking. Yes, set your goals and work towards them, but live in the moment . Live in the moment. Whatever you do, give it 100% while doing it. Don’t play on your phone while you are supposed to spending time with the kids. Plan you day and do one thing at a time. The moment you try to juggle or multi-task, your efficiency drops, and the task is never done as well or as efficient as if it were your only job.

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The One Thing . Trying to do too many of anything will result in spinning plate syndrome. You can have multiple everyday priorities, but limit your goals to a minimum. Too many things going on at one time will result in overload and limited or average success. And, there’s always the chance of failure through burnout or something else.   Each one can defeat procrastination if the drive is big enough. We can also be inspired by beautiful things such as nature. Whatever your desire, use inspiration to keep you on track and when doubt shows up, think of the reason why you are doing it.

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