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Key features and functionality for ecommerce website, to starting an ecommerce business in successful and smart way with


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Key features and functionality for ecommerce website Author: Maheswaran Date: 04.05.2016 Is key features and functionalities for eCommerce website is an important one for the business Yes it is 100 important before going to develop a simple eCommerce website. Do you think anyone purchase a laptop without having any features Do you think anyone purchase a mobile without having best features No one do this one. once you have a plan to starting an ecommerce business. You want to know learn about the ecommerce industry and ecommerce features and functionality which are important for your business. We have n number of features with ecommerce. But here we are going to see key features of the e-commerce website. Which are v essential to handle your shop in a successful way. Key features and functionality for ecommerce website:  Product display features  Review rating system  Wishlist  Product comparison  Guest checkout and log in with social accounts.  Promotional offers  Related product upsell products  Social shares blogs  Order management  Multiple payment gateways

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Product display features: Which means product detailed view page features how you are going to showcase your product to customers. We know that packing and showcasing is much more important in ecommerce sector. If you pack a wastage with into neat box and showcase in the right way that too easily sold out in a short time. 1. Image zooming functions 2. Multiple images 3. Description 4. Tech specifications 5. Warranty details Review rating system: Pricing and most important elements of your conversion process. If you are selling organic coconut oil with your ecommerce store. How customers can trust you review and rating system is the best way to build a trust with your product. Even for it may be electronic product buyers need trust before purchasing any product in online. Showing some negative review also build good trust with your product. Once you tried to hear customers voice soon you can get succeed with your business. Wishlist: Do you think your customers will purchase a product within a second No if I had planned to purchase "handmade handbag" for my girlfriend. Whether I will search in online within 30 minutes and purchase it No I will review various online ecommerce portal who are all offering "handmade handbags". In that I will

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shortlist few shop in that shop I will add some handbags which I think look nice. After a week time only I will make some decision and purchase a product in my wishlist in any one of the shortlisted portals. If your portal was not having wishlist feature. How they can able to add some products for their future purchase. They simply skip your portal. Not only for users for our marketing purpose wishlist are most important one. Abandoned shopping cart is one the feature to convert your wish list into sales. Product comparison: If you are providing various brand or model products in the particular niche. Product comparison feature in important one because it is the easy way to compare your 2 products in a single window. Then can able to get decision easily and conversion also get improved.

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Guest checkout and log in with social accounts: No customer have time to sign up in each shopping portal. Because daily they will come across with n number shop portal. In each site they cant able to sign up and access the account. Sign up with social accounts google account is the best way. Same time doesnt force the customer to sign in before going to check out. Because maximum people loved guest checkout feature with ecommerce portal.

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Promotional offers: Do you think promotional offers are not important for ecommerce portal No once you had to make one sale with your customer. Is it get over No you need to build a better relationship with the customer. How can you able to build the relationship with the customer Sending offers in festival time or at their special occasion. Related product upsell products: This is the best way to convert your customer with multiple sales. Showing what product they had checked recently with your portal provide more attention. You can easy convert into sales. Social shares blogs: These are the important section for your ecommerce marketing. We know without content nothing is there with websites. The way of creating good content related to your products also improved your product sales. Order management: Order management is used in both admin backend section and front end for customers. For backend admin need to handle the orders into delivery with a simple system. Same time for the front end the user need to check their order and its status in an easy way.

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Multiple payment gateways: Its a most important section in ecommerce shop if your portal was not having multiple payment gateway. You will loose number valuable customers. Because some customers prefer to use PayPal stripe or Payoneer based on their wish. I think I had conveyed my points to you in the right way. if you have any valuable points to share with me. Dont forget to comment below the section.

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