XPay Life Offering 360 degree digital solutions for digital India Incl

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XPay Life Offering 360 degree digital solutions for digital India Inclusion.

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XPay Life is changing many lives in the rural sector through its innovation.  Easy Postpaid Mobile payment is possible through XPay Life for both the online and offline users. Although it’s services are not confined to only one sector of society. It sure is catering people who are well acquainted with the digital payment modes and for that sector that is highly uncomfortable with the popular modes of payment channels. Hence for the customers who are cash-dependent and ambiguous about the usage of the fragile complex smartphone mobile application XPay Life has innovated a 360- degree solution to all the bill payment hassles. The XPay Life provides digital solutions in the form of Mobile application Online Website ATP kiosk PoS machine and the Mobile Van.

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The payment modes are also diversified by facilitating bill payment through popular online payment channels like credit/debit cards internet banking mobile banking UPI payments. Pay Landline Postpaid Bill Online by selecting any of the above-mentioned payment modes. Also it facilitates bill payment in rural sectors through the cash as a digital payment mode along with accepting payment through debit/credit cards. Hence providing all possible digital solutions to the consumers. The advantage of using XPay Life is that it doesn’t store any of the credit/debit card details like customer-sensitive financial data like passwords bank account details and more. This helps in less exposure of the customer data to the cybercrimes.

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All the XPay Life services are built on the highest secure payment channel like the AMBIC model that stands for Artificial Intelligence Mobility Blockchain IoT and Cloud. These are the technologies of the future that are providing the highest security and making the bill payment sector more secure with the latest technologies and innovations. Hence XPay Life is known to be the Best Bill payment app in india. As it is built on the blockchain technology that is the underlying principle of the cryptocurrency of the bitcoins. Best electricity bill payment online is also provided by the XPay Life through the highly user-friendly website. Hence the payment modes are also provided through the XPay Life. It also provides offline payment through the XPay life ATP kiosk Mobile Van PoS machines. Hence these infrastructures are bridging the gap between the rural and urban sectors of India. The mobile van equipped with the ATP kiosk vending machine and the mini-ATMs. These are catering the rural sectors in bill payment and banking facilities.

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MAILING ADDRESS EMAIL ADDRESS PHONE NUMBER 8th Floor B.M.T.C / T.T.M.C Building6th Block Koramangala Bangalore-560095. infoxpay.life +91-88843 56000 CONTACT US