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Vocabulary Lesson #6 Presented by The Simpsons

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Hint: What is Homer doing? Homer is driving an automobile. Automobile comes via the French language, from the Greek language by combining auto [self] with mobilis [moving]; meaning a vehicle that moves itself, rather than being pulled or pushed by a separate animal or another vehicle.

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Hint: How do you make a saxophone produce sound? By exhaling (or breathing out) into the saxophone, the reed (a small piece of wood) will vibrate and air will travel through the instrument, producing various notes.

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Hint: Here, Homer is tiptoeing. When does someone usually tiptoe? Usually we tiptoe when we are trying to be careful, or full of care, to prevent something bad from happening (as in tiptoeing into class when you are late).

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Hint: What is Bart playing with? Bart is playing with marbles and since he has more than one he has multiple.

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Hint: Why does Homer have his mouth open? He is preparing to eat. If he was not properly prepared to eat a sandwich that size, he may knock himself out cold.

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Hint: Here is the machine where Bart gets his Squishees from. What happens if he runs out? Bart will have to go back to Kwik-E-Mart for a refill.

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Hint: Who is Bart dressed as? Bart is dressed as the superhero, Bartman, an above average hero with multiple abilities.

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Hint: Why is Homer eating a machine full of snacks? Because he would be unsatisfied with less than an entire machine of candy.

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Hint: What is Krusty riding? Krusty is riding on a unicycle (a bike with one wheel).

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Hint: Why would Ned wear glasses? Because he needs to improve his vision (his ability to see).