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Hosted by Mr. Uhlendorf Jeopardy

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100 100 200 200 400 400 300 400 The Hollow Men Ozymandias Dulce et Decorum Est BONUS 300 300 300 200 400 200 100 500 500 500 500 100

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Row 1, Col 1 The straw in The Hollow Men suggests that they are? What are scarecrows?

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1,2 How many speakers in the poem are there and who are they? What is three. Who are the narrator, the traveler, and Ozymandias.

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1,3 What war does the poem take place in and what is the main event within the poem? What is World War I and a gas attack.

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1,4 What is an allusion? A reference to a work in order to set a tone.

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2,1 Why is the land referred to as a “cactus land”? What is the landscape, dead bodies, and lack of emotion.

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2,2 What did Ozymandias’s subjects think of him and why? What is they most likely hated him because they were enslaved.

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2,3 The soldiers in the poem are in what condition physically? What is exhausted or fatigued.

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2,4 “Here we go `round the prickly pear’ and ‘under the twinkle of a fading star” in The Hollow Men are allusions to what? Nursery Rhymes

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3,1 What falls “between the idea/ And the reality/ Between the motion/ And the act and what does it represent? What is then shadow and failure to act.

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3,2 Explain “look on my works, yet Mighty, and despair!” What is an inscription on his statue that is a tribute to his greatness and ego.

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3,3 What does the poem’s title translate to? What is it is sweet and honorable to die for one’s country.

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3,4 What poetic form is Ozymandias written in? A sonnet.

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4,1 Who are Mr. Kurtz and the Old Guy? Who are Mr. Kurtz from Conrad’s “Heart of Darkness” and Guy Fawkes.

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4,2 What condition is the statue in? What is it is in ruins.

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4,3 What is the main idea of the poem? What is that war should not be glorified, that it is horrible.

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4,4 “Bent double, like old beggars under sacks” is what form of figurative language? A simile.

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5,1 How does the world end, is it ironic, and if so why? What is with a whimper, and it is ironic because most feel the end of the world will be climatic, not an embarrassing failure to act.

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5,2 What is ironic about the poem? Ozymandias is nearly forgotten and his statue is in ruins.

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5,3 Whom does the speaker address in the final lines of the poem? Who is the reader.

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5,4 Name the three authors of the poems. Elliot, Shelley, Owen.