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Edvard Munch: Expressionist/Surrealist : 

Edvard Munch: Expressionist/Surrealist

Who is Edvard Munch? : 

Who is Edvard Munch? He was born on December 12, 1863 in Loten, Denmark. When he was five his mother died. When he was 14 his sister died. He decided to become a painter at the age of 17. He had his first private exhibition in 1889, the same year his father died.

Expressionism : 

Expressionism Munch was one of the first artists known as Expressionists. Expressionists would use their artwork to express their inner emotions, not necessarily to paint what they saw.

How did Expressionists paint? : 

How did Expressionists paint? Expressionists would use color and shape to express emotions in their paintings. Red could express anger or love and white might express purity or innocence. Shapes would be distorted to show anguish.

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What is Surrealism? Surrealism is a 20th-century literary and artistic movement that attempted to express the workings of the subconscious by using fantastic imagery and the incongruous juxtaposition of subject matter.

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How did Surrealists paint? -Joining two images together in impossible combinations -Changing an object’s scale, or relative size. -Floating objects that don’t normally float -Taking an object form its usual environment and placing it in an unfamiliar -one -Making objects transparent that are not usually transparent

The Scream : 

The Scream Munch’s most famous painting is The Scream, painted in 1893. It has been stolen twice, once in 1994 and then again in 2004. It has since been recovered. The landscape in the background is Olsojford, viewed from the hill of Ekeberg, in Olso, Norway. Munch created multiple versions of The Scream using varying mediums such as oil, pastel, and lithograph.

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Olsojford, viewed from the hill of Ekeberg, in Olso, Norway

Munch Late in Life : 

Munch Late in Life In 1908, he suffered a nervous breakdown as a result of excessive drinking and fighting. He eventually recovered and moved back to Norway, continuing to paint until his death in 1944. In 1940, the Germans invaded Norway and the Nazi party took over the government. Munch was seventy-six years old. With nearly an entire collection of his art in the second floor of his house, Munch lived in fear of a Nazi confiscation. Seventy-one of the paintings previously taken by the Nazis had found their way back to Norway through purchase by collectors (the other eleven were never recovered), including The Scream and The Sick Child, and they too were hidden from the Nazis. Munch died at his country home on January 23, 1944, about a month after his 80th birthday. His Nazi orchestrated funeral left the impression with Norwegians that he was a Nazi sympathizer.